Aug 08

Back from Vacation . . .

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Updated Eat’n Meet’n.

Wow, now that I’m back from vacation I can get some rest. Been away for the last month . . . and have neglected the website, but I’m back and we’ll get things going again.

I just posted the July meeting minutes and from what it says we had over 600 contacts on field day. I also understand that a large portion the the contacts were CW and along with a visit from an elected official we earned 1600 point. Wow been awhile since we got that many points. I know I said this before but a big thanks goes out to all that participated. I would like to thank all individually but I’m too lazy to do that.

Okay, don’t forget the Emergency Net at 10 AM on Wednesday the 12th and of course the monthly meeting at 7 PM the same day.

C’ya all at the meeting . . . . SUPPORT YOUR CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!