WOW! It’s for REAL . . . and FUN!

At the October meeting Glenn (K0KER) gave a presentation on Parks On The Air (AKA, POTA), it was very interesting and everyone was very attentive. If you missed the meeting and therefore the information Glenn disseminated, if you contact him I’m pretty sure he would be happy to enlighten you (or  go to Parks on The Air web site by clinking here).Send an email to the above address and I’ll forward your request to him.

At the November meeting Glenn informed me he was going to activate a local park, I asked him if he minded if I (Jack [WJ0TM]) came along. After some HEM-HAWING around he agreed. So Thursday (11/19/20) I met Glenn at a Conservation area near the town of Fortuna called Manito Lake.

It took about 20 minutes for us to get set up. Glenn was using a Xiegu G90 HF Amateur Radio on 20 meter with 20 watts of power from a 12Ah LiFePO4 battery. His signal was sent out via a Hustler 20 Meter mobile antenna resonator attached to the receiver hitch on his vehicle.  I had the high honor of being his “logger”.

Glenn started calling CQ at five minutes to 1300 hrs (that 1 PM for you non military types) and stopped calling CQ at 1400 hrs (need I spell this out?). In that hour he made 39 contacts. The one contact he made that really made his day was from ALASKA. He also made several contacts from Canada and all across the USA.

BTW, see the blue and white chair in the last picture? That’s me in stealth mode. The weather was blistery with a sustained wind speed of around 15 MPH and gust well over 40 MPH. We had setup behind the parks outhouse to keep out of the wind.

All in all it was a really fun day . . . thanks Glenn for the really neat introduction to mobile HF work. I look forward to doing some mobile work myself . . . SOON!




Well this has been on heck of a year . . . and it is almost over. YA!!!!

Okay, a couple of things happened in the past month or so.


  1. Robert (KE0TTL) has sent me a third update to the members list. I’d like to welcome:
    Craig Kerns KF0BGP
    Patrick McDonald KD0USI
    Don Weaver KF0BZU
  2. Election of Officers for 2021; their term begins on 1 January 2021 Thanks to all.
    Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL as President
    Steven Bouck KD0SB as Vice President (2nd Term)
    Cheryl Bland KD0EYQ as Secretary
  3. Eagle Days is coming on 9 January (need I say it) 2021. Anyone interested in participating send Robert (KE0TTL) an email and let him know. I think we are going to use the Camden County Emergency Center located at 12 VFW Rd, Camdenton, MO 65020. Thanks Director of EMA Ron Gentry and Ernie Venis (W0LTC) for letting us use the Center.
  4. Our annual Christmas Party is kinda up in the air. Robert is having a hard time finding a restaurant that will allow a group as large as ours in. Watch your email for information from Robert on this issue.
  5. Still looking for recommendation on how to protect our Como Van. Currently it is being stored at Fred’s (K0FG) place. Check your copy of the Meeting minutes for more information.
  6. Updated the Eat’n Meet’n for 20th and 27th of November.
  7. Finally, the repeater now requires a CTCSS code 127.3.

Okay gang, that’s about it for now. Remember if you have anything you would like to see posted here simply send Jack (WJ0TM) an email at the address above.


Been a LONG year

I now know what it is like to have “WRITER’S  BLOCK”, I’ve been sitting here for the last 10-15 minutes trying to come up with something to write.

Okay . . . here goes:

Robert (KE0TTL) , being the diligent secretary he is, sent me information about the study session the club conducted, the winner of the Baofeng HT at the testing held in conjunction with the secession, and the emergency simulation held on the 10th. So with out further ado . . .

Members of LOARC hosted a study session on October 3 at the EMA building in Camdenton. There were 4 attendees. Congratulations to Dennis, Don, James and Sheila for passing their technician licenses.

Dennis was the winner of the Baofeng HT. Thanks to all who participated in this event!

Robert (KE0TTL) also sent me an updated members list and I posted it. I’d like to welcome three new member to the club, Steve Eden (K0SRE), Ray Myers (WB0PYF), and Jim Nugent (KE0ZMY), Oh! I almost forgot Steven Bouck formally known as AA4SB is now KD0SB

There was a bit of excitement on the club repeater on October 10th at 10am. Amateur operators from the Lake area participated in the Missouri Troop “F” Shakeout simulation. The Shakeout was an earthquake simulation at the New Madrid fault. The net opened at 10am and local amateurs were invited to check in and give a damage assessment of their local community. Our local ARES repeater was still down at the time of the simulation, so the drill switched over to the 146.73 club repeater. There were 13 local check-ins along with damage reports for this event. We had check-ins from Benton, Camden, Miller and Morgan Counties. We were part of the Troop “F” simulation that had a total of 76 check-ins. Great job everyone!

Last month I listed some videos I felt was of importance to ALL HAMs. I again listed them below and hope ALL HAMs in the area watch them. These deal with the possibility of the FCC increasing the fee for license to $50. K6UDA outlines the problems. The seconded one is a little long because he is actually in a live feed and is covering many topics. Simply click on them to watch, will open in new tab.;.

1) FCC rate hike

2) Live feed covering many topics including FCC fee hike.

3) FCC hike and how to make you opinion heard.

Here are links to two ARRL articles on this subject, again simply click on them to read, will open in new tab;.

Proposal to raise FCC fees

Fee Proposal comments
Don’t forget, if you have information you think would be interesting to not only club members but also HAMs in general, send it to me via email and I’ll post it.