May 24

WOW will wonders never cease!

Hmm, turn out at the last meeting was somewhat better! Let’s keep it up!

Updated the BUY/SELL/TRADE area, other than that nothing much else going on.


Dear Loarcer’s,

The next two Eatin’ Meetin’s will be at the Chuck Wagon in Camdenton.

See ya there.

May 11

It’s May already!

Opps! I posted the April meeting minutes (the March minutes were already there, lol).

The Eatin’ Meetin’ for the next two weeks (May 15th & 22nd) will be in Osage Beach at Applebee’s.

Don’t forget the monthly meeting on the 13th at 7 PM and the emergency net on the same day at 10 AM. C’ya there!

Apr 10


angry-manGotta say this . . . the turn out at the last meeting was really dismal! Come on folks get out and support your club!

The topic of Field Day (June 27th & 28th) came up at the meeting . . . looking for operators. The club secretary will be sending a sign-up sheet for operators and those that will help setup and tear down . . . again SUPPORT YOUR CLUB!!!!!!!!

Okay, with that being said . . . only made a minor change this time; I moved the information on Ham Testing from under “Other” to “Club Info”.

One last thing! Unfortunately I still have not heard anything from Ham Nation about our Eagle Days SE. Guess they either lost it or . . .

Apr 06

April Already!

Man is this year going by fast! Here it is April already. The Dayton Hamfest is just around the corner and then Field Day, Wow!

Okay I posted the March minutes and that is about it. Oh yea, I cleaned up the “For Sale” area too.

Don’t forget the meeting Wednesday night at 7 PM at Mid-County Fire Station in Camdenton and the Emergency Net at 10 AM Wednesday.

C’ya at the meeting!

Jan 16

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all the club members and all the HAMs around the world. The special event we held was a total success and we thank those who participated. I’ve posted a link to the PDF file I am sending to HamNation so members and non-members can have a copy of it. Simply click the link it will open the document in a separate window then you can save it if you wish.

Here is a short video of Scott Poest’s son calling CQ at the event:

Whoops been over ridden on this looks like I’ll be leaving the Eagle Days SE page up till the end of March so any late comers can get the information they need to request a certificate or QSL card.

Here is another link about our SE from Lake News:

I also posted the November 2014 minutes (remember in December we don’t hold a “regular” meeting).

Don’t forget the Emergency Net at 10 AM this coming Wednesday 14 Jan 2015 and the club meeting that evening at 7:00 PM. Click on “Meeting” tab not the drop down for more information about our meetings. Oh yeah, due are do!