Jul 31

Back from Vacation . . .

Been away for the last month . . . and have neglected the website, but I’m back and we’ll get things going again.

I haven’t seen any official numbers but I understand we had over 600 contacts on field day. I also understand that most of them were code! Wow guess I need to start studying for that.

The only other new is I posted where the eat’n meet’n for the 8th and 15th will be held.

Jun 28

Another one in the BOOKS!!

Well the 2015 Field day is in the books! Last I heard we had over 600 contacts.

The Club Management would like to give a big thanks to all those that showed up on Saturday morning to set up the site. A special thanks to Gery Welsh (N0RIJ) and Larry Gregory (KC0RLY) for their efforts on Friday “surveying” the site for the antennas, to Fred Groce (K0FG) and Glenn Commons (K0KER) for the work they did on putting the new roof sealant on trailer, to all those that operated the two stations Saturday and Sunday morning, and last but certainly not least those that showed up Sunday to pack things up.

Okay now we can all go home and get comfortable! Oh, yea! I posted some pictures, look for them under “Photo”.

One last thing, the webmaster is going on VACATION starting the 1st of July, so some things (like Eat’n Meet’n) may not get updated. Contact Glenn or Fred for club updates.

Jun 02

Hello . . . Hello . . . Hello!

Posted the May minutes.

Don’t forget the Saturday Net at 0900 hrs (9 AM).

Don’t forget the Emergency Net on Wednesday the 10th at 1000 hrs (10 AM for you non military types)

Don’t forget the monthly meeting on Wednesday the 10th at 1900 hrs (Aaa 7 PM).

Signup and support YOUR club!

May 24

WOW will wonders never cease!

Hmm, turn out at the last meeting was somewhat better! Let’s keep it up!

Updated the BUY/SELL/TRADE area, other than that nothing much else going on.


Dear Loarcer’s,

The next two Eatin’ Meetin’s will be at the Chuck Wagon in Camdenton.

See ya there.