Sep 28

Urgent Call by our Club’s Secretary!

Below is a copy of an email sent out to all members by the club’s secretary. PLEASE read and reply. I cannot express how much fun those that participated last year had. I, as manager of the website, ask all members of LOARC to PLEASE! PLEASE! try and participate this year. There are numerous reasons to participate . . . I’ll not bore you with listing them here. Read Glenn’s email and contact him ( K0KER, (under “PHOTOS” there are some pictures from last year.)

One last thing . . . err two last things: 1) You don’t have to be a member of LOARC to participate; 2) You don’t even have to be a licensed Amateur . . . yeah you can still work as an operator or a logger. With this in mind . . . you licensed HAMs can bring a friend interested in becoming a HAM and they can operate a radio.

Jack (KD0QEB)


Dear LOARC’ers,


Rather than wait until the next club meeting to ascertain who will participate in the Eagle Days Special Event Station, I am writing you to give you the details and get your RESPONSE NOW. I need the information in order to know if I should apply for the Special Event Station License. Show some enthusiasm –


This year, Eagle Days will be the 2nd weekend in January: the 9th and 10th. If we do this, we will need to pick up the Comm. Trailer on Friday, January 8th and take it to the Wilmore Lodge area and set it up at the Ameren building, as we did last year.

We need people to set up the antennas and the radios and get everything ready for operating on Saturday and Sunday. And then, we’ll need people to tear down and put everything away.

An operating schedule is below: We will have two radios to operate. If we can get enough operators and loggers for each radio, then running three, three hour shifts each day will give us coverage from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. You can sign up for more than one shift, and more than one day.

Also, if you have a friend, an acquaintance who you think would like to participate, ask them and sign them up. They can operate or log under your supervision, even If they are not licensed. Let’s use this opportunity to get some new people interested in amateur radio.

Jack McGuire (KD0QEB) and I have already volunteered to be on the set-up and tear down team, but we need two or three more people to do the work. We also want to operate and/or log, but we’re waiting to fill in our preferences until you get a chance to do so.

So, please look at the schedule below, pick the times you want to work and email me back as soon as you can. If we get enough support, then we’ll apply for the Special Event license. If not, then we’ll bag it. It’s Your Club. It’s Your Choice. Come on out and have some fun!!!


If you’re going to be in Texas, Florida or Arizona, it’s OK to come back for this event.


Eagle Days schedule(Click on to enlarge, press back space to close)


One last thing . . . IT’S YOUR CLUB! You make it what it is . . . no one person can! PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATED THE EAT’N MEET’N for 2nd and 9th

Sep 11

Hey y’all!

messy-workplace4Well, did a little clean up work on the site today. I moved the “Items for Sale” from under “Other” to the main menu area. Reason I did this is to give it more visibility and hopefully better results. I also move the “Repeaters” from the main menu area to under “Club Info” to make room for the “Items for Sale”.

Turn out to the meets are getting a little better, but should be better when you consider how many members we have. There should be 20 plus there every meeting. Come on get out and support YOUR club.

Topics for next month meeting will be things like whether or not we’ll do another Eagle Days Special Events, setting up a nominating committee for next years officers and membership dues for 2016.

Don’t forget that at the September meeting we scheduled a workday to inventory and clean up the emergency commo van. It will be on the 25th of September after the eat’n meet’n.