Flash News!!!

there will be no Ham Training at the Emergency Management Office on Wednesday, June 16. 

Don’t forget Field Day on Saturday, June 26 to Sunday, June 27.


More GREAT Training — Keep watching

As many of our members know, some may not and nonmembers visitors may not know that our club offers a “TECH NIGHT” on the third Wednesday of the month. This is opened to ALL HAMS (members and non members) and NON-HAMS, so come on down to the Camden County Emergency Management Office located at 12 VFW Rd, Camdenton MO. Subject matter is normally made known at the monthly club meeting. For information on club meetings Click Here. Oh, by the way if you have a topic you would like to learn more about you can submit it at the monthly meeting or email me at the above address and I’ll send it to the club president for review and approval.

Last week (May 19th) Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO) presented an excellent class on Software Defined Radios. For those that missed it he was gracious enough to allow links to the information here on the web site.

Here are the links from Larry’s presentation:

For the first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncxyycmSeWU<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncxyycmSeWU> The links for parts two and three can be found on this site.

The software for the SDR I am getting : https://airspy.com/download/ <https://airspy.com/download/> This software can be run without any hardware.  I allows you to select from quite a few sites around the world which have their SDRs available on the ‘net.

Another video reviewing SDR Basics:



Another introductory video for SDR:



Each video presents SDR from a slightly different perspective.  I found each of them to be helpful.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET THAT THE LAST FULL WEEKEND OF JUNE (26th & 27th) IS FIELD DAY – – – TO ALL MEMBERS BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. Oh as above non members HAMs AND non-HAMs are always welcomed.

On Jun 9th is the monthly Emergency NET on 146.740 (127.3) repeater at 10:00 AM and on 146.955 at about 10:10 AM. At 7:00PM is the club meeting click here for info.

Okay, that’s about it for now.

Be safe . . . be prepared . . . and . . . be vigilant.


New RF exposure rule are coming

Hey y’all, President Gary (KE5JTL) recommended we all get name tags. I got my name tag, what ya think.
Got it from Ham Crazy


Updated Radio Frequency Exposure Rules Become Effective on May 3

Steven Bouck (kd0sb) has done the “leg” work and sent me these links to help Hams understand what this is all about.

Lengthy explanation:

Concise explanation with plenty of links:

Article with simple list for bands and power limits for exemptions:

Very easy to use calculator: