Jan 17

On your mark . . . get set . . .

working - 1Hey just made some updates not all are happy ones.

Sad news, Glenn notified me via email of a former club member’s passing, what follows is an excerpt from that email:

“. . . Jack Rudolph, W0TJR, passed away in November last year. His son, Jack Jr., who lives in Fort Worth, was visiting the area last week and that is when I found out.”

Glenn also informed me today that Mr. James Hampshire KDØEYS also passed away last year.

Our condolences goes out to both families.

As for the site,

  1. I deleted all that was listed in the “FOR SALE” section. Most of the items had been there for several month and I hadn’t received any information as to whether or not what was listed was aviable anymore. If you have something for sale/trade/give away send me an email with the information and I’ll post here on the site.
  2. I removed all of the minutes for 2016 . . . If you didn’t get a copy of them or inadvertently deleted them contact me and I’ll send you a copy.
  3. Updated the members pictures.
  4. Posted Mr. Rudolph and Mr.Hampshire to the “SILENT KEY” section.
  5. Move the “Field Day” tab from the main menu to under the “Upcoming Events” Tab
  6. I will be posting a new club roster soon. (hey Glenn hint hint, lol)

That’s about all for now! Below is what I had here after I returned from my trip.


We had a pretty good turn out at the monthly meeting and with that some good discussions on several topics. Just as soon as Glenn (K0KER) sends me the minutes I’ll post them.

Glenn reported that the Eagle Days SE was once again a success. Looks like we may do it again next year. A BIG THANKS goes out to Ernie (W0LTC), our ARES Camden County Emergency Coordinator, for offering the use of the Camden County Emergency Management Facilities. That made for a really pleasant and relaxing environment. (Hmm . . . might be a good site for Field Day . . . Hmm)

I updated the “Upcoming Events” tab so check it out. There are a lot of Special Events coming up along with several Hamfests.

That’s it for now . . . be safe . . . 73

Dec 28

Just a Quick Note

NewYear_Celebrations_Around_TheWorld2012_freecomputerdesktopwallpaper_1920We here at LOARC hope all our HAM friends had a very Merry Christmas.

Party hardy this New Years but be safe.

Don’t forget our 3rd annual Eagle Days Special Event this coming January 7th & 8th.

I also updated the Eat’n Meet’n.

Dec 10

WOW, hard to believe!

Cartoon_of_Santa_Claus_Mang ham callkiWow! 2016 is almost over, and in the view of this blogger none to soon! What a year!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day. We sure did.

Not much to going on which is pretty normal for this time of year. Oh BTW I updated the Eat’n Meet’n for December 16th & 23rd . . . check it out.

Don’t forget the Emergency Net on Wednesday the 14th at 10 AM and our annual Christmas Part that same day. If you haven’t contacted Glenn (K0KER) to let him know you’re coming you need to do so . . . NOW! Social starts at 6:00 PM with dinners being ordered at 6:30 PM. For more information see the Club Meeting minutes under “Club Info –> Meeting Minutes”

One last thing, don’t forget about our 3rd annual Eagle Days Special Event. There are some changes so be sure to check out the tab “Eagle Days SE 2017” for more information.

Also updated the “Upcoming Events” Tab.

Well . . . that’s about it . . . so from all of us here at LOARC to all of you out there:





Nov 22

TGD is here already!


This year has simply flown by!! Seams just yesterday we were setting up for Field Day. We here at LOARC hope that this past year has been a good one for all our members and the Amateur Radio community in general. We also hope that 2017 is prosperous for us all.

mall-rizzosOh yeah, don’t forget about our annual Christmas Dinner. This year it will be held on the 14th of December at LiL Rizzo’s near the entrance of the Outlet Mall (929 Premium Outlets Dr. Osage Beach, MO). Social at 6:00 p.m  Order dinner at 6:30.

Okay now, the only changes I’ve made to the site is that I updated the Eat’n Meet’n. Check it out!


Nov 13

All said and done . . .


Get you elbow out of my . . .

Hey all November’s meeting was again a full house . . . oops! we were in a smaller room again. It was real nice and cozy.

We discussed where to would hold our annual Christmas Party, so expect a note from our Secretary (Glenn, K0KER) to vote for the places he checked out and to let him know how many will be there. He needs this by Monday the 14th!

We also firmed up when and where we’ll be holding our 3rd annual Eagle Days Special Event. For more information on this check out the tab “Eagle Days SE 2017”.

When I re-posted the tab for Eagle Days it required moving some things around, so, you will now find the “For Sale” tab listed under “Club Info” and the “Photo” tab under “Club Info –> Other”. Sorry for any inconvenience but . . .

Finally, a big THANKS to the out going Club Officers, President Jim Schapiro (KD0FPC), Vice President Jack McGuire (KD0QEB), and Secretary/Treasurer Glenn Commons (K0KER) for the tireless contribution to the club this past year. Oh, I almost forgot, and an even bigger THANKS for them volunteering to stay in office for 2017.

Well that’s all for now . . . 73

Nov 08

Today is a VERY important day!!!!

cartoon-voting-boothDon’t care who you vote for . . . simply VOTE!

Okay I updated the Eat’n Meet’n location for the next two weeks so be sure to check it out. Also, posted the minutes for the October meeting.

Club meeting this week on Wednesday night 7 PM and don’t forget the emergency net at 10 AM Wednesday.

One last thing, I believe most members of LOARC already subscribe to Larry’s List. If you don’t you should consider joining, there is loads of good information in it. For example; in Vol 22 Issue 27 sent out on 27 Oct contains information about a petition for a rule’s change that would affect Vanity call signs. By the way I nor the club has any direct affiliation with this or any other list.

Oct 26

It’ that TIME again!

timeWell summer 2016 is all but gone, and none too soon. With that in mind don’t forget on November 6th at 0200 hrs (that’s 2 AM for you regular folks) to turn your clocks back one hour AND to check/change the battery in your smoke detectors.

At the last club meeting, held on the 12th of November oops I mean October (thanks Glenn), it was decided to hold our annual Eagle Days special events station at the Camden County Emergency center. Check back often for more information to be posted soon.

BTW, attendance at the last meeting was up or was it simply the fact we were in a SMALLER room.

ARRL is holding their annual on-line Auction click on the blue to go to it. Seems you can view all the item, but to bid you must sign-in or if new to the Auction site you must register.

And finally, several members (Jim [KD0FPC], Jack [KD0QEB], Glenn [K0KER], Fred [K0FG], & Ralph [KD0LTS]), had a trailer work day on Oct 20th. The trailer is all shiny new look’n! Well not really but things are work’n better. I’m sure we’ll have a full report on the outcome of the event at the next meeting.

Well that’s about it for now,  C’ya at the next meeting.         73!

LATE NOTICE: Look what I got in the mail Mondayve-badge-001

Oct 11

Hello . . . hello . . . anyone there?

listeningUpdated the Eat’n Meet’n for October 14th and 21st.

Don’t forget about the meeting on Wednesday night and the emergency net Wednesday morning.

We are still looking for some input on what we should do for Eagle Days. I’m afraid, do to the seaming lack of interest (support) we may not be holding the special event this coming January. If you have anything to add to the discussion please send them to Glenn (K0KER) at gcommons@nullgmail.com or to the email listed above and I’ll forward them to him.

That’s all for now 73!

Oh, BTW I’m always looking for good information to post here so if you have something you want posted send me an email at the above address. Same goes if you want to post something to buy/sell/trade.

Sep 15

Heading towards Fall!

Well, last night’s meeting was a good one. We had several new hams show up and we hope they will become members of the club . . . New Blood is always welcomed.

Updated the Eat’n Meet’n for September 16th & 23rd. Check it out and come on down.

BTW, this coming Thursday (that is the 22nd of Sept) there well be a Weather Spotters class held at the Mid County Fire Protection District Headquarters located in the heart of Camdenton at 184 N. Business Route 5, Camdenton, MO 65020. Class is scheduled to start at 1830 hrs (oh, that 6:30 PM). Hope to c’ya there!

At last nights meeting there was some discussion on the annual Eagle Days special event that the club has been hosting for the last two years. Looks like there are going to be some changes made, like were we’ll be working from and how many days we’ll be on air to name a couple changes that were discussed. If you have anything to add to the discussion please send them to Glenn (K0KER) at gcommons@nullgmail.com or to the email listed above and I’ll forward them to him.

That’s all for now 73!

Aug 29

End of Summer is approaching!

Well another summer is almost over! Fall is on the way.

Still not much going on.

September’s meeting will be on the 14th as will the emergency net. For more information check out “Club Info”

Oh, by the way, I’ve added a new section to the site check out “Upcoming Events” and send an email to the site’s email and let me know what y’all think.

The management.