Nov 19

IT WAS A SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody .. .it was a success!!! This morning’s SnowBird Net was held at 1000 Hrs (10 AM, yea you got it) on 14.252.000 MHz. But the band was really crowded so next week the Net will be held on TUESDAY, same bat time, same bat station (somewhere around 14.250-14.260 MHz, band permitting). C’ya then!!

Nov 11

Breaking News – – – This just in:

newsThis direct from our corespondent TOM – – – NEXT week Wednesday Nov 19 10 AM (that;s 1000 hrs for you military types out there or 1600 hrs zulu [UTC]) central time The Lake of the Ozark ARC Snowbird net will commence (yeah that means start). Look for it somewhere around 14.255-14.260 MHz, band permitting.

Now back to you boring evening!

Nov 05

Hey You – – – Pay Attention

4772223_origOkay everybody! The October meeting minutes have been posted. I would recommend you read them and maybe review some of the earlier months.

Don’t forget the Emergency Net at 10 AM (1000 hrs for you military types) Wednesday the 11th of November, on the 2 meter repeater (146.730). AND the monthly meeting at the Camden County Fire Station at 7 PM (1900 hrs for you . . . yeah you got it . . . military types). BTW, if you know of a member that hasn’t been to a meeting in awhile call them . . . shame them . . . do what ever is necessary to get them to a meeting. Sure would be nice to see some new OLD faces. Heck, if you know of a HAM that isn’t a member try and get them to attend a meeting. New blood is always welcomed.

One last thing – – – don’t forget about the “For Sale” area under “OTHER”.

One more thing (okay, so I lied!). 2015 DUES are being accepted – – – PAY THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 28

Listen Up Folks

174245299Okay all you out there LISTEN UP! The Friday Eat’n Meet’n will be held at Tupelo Honey’s located at the intersection of Hwy 5 & 7 in Greenview at  11:30.

Also added some stuff to the for sale area (found under “Other”).

timeJust as a reminder: set you clock back Sunday November 2nd at 0200 Hrs (2 AM to you non Military types out there).

Oct 13

Hey . . . YOU!

This Friday’s (17 Oct) and next Friday’s (24 Oct) Eatin’ Meetin’ will be at Bear Creek Golf Course restaurant just off Hwy 42 in Osage Beach.

comicbookguygifHey all I’ve updated the for sale area located under “Other”

Also add a Silent Key page, it too is located under “Other”

Tom Smith (WA0OFO) let it be known at last night’s club meeting, which by the way a lot of ya didn’t attend, the the SnowBird net would be starting up in mid November. Look for it around 14.259 MHz. Normally it is held on Wednesday mornings at 10 AM local (4 PM UTC).

That brings up a good point! Day light Saving time ends at 0200 Hrs (that’s 2 AM for you n'Okay. . . five more! Spring forward! Fall back.'on-military types out there) Local on Sunday the second of November. Remember to “FALL BACK” one hour. This will make UTC 6 hours ahead of our local time.


Oct 07

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!


Anyway, September minutes have been posted  . . . . READ THEM!!!free-vector-slouching-man-reading-paper-clip-art_107957_Slouching_Man_Reading_Paper_clip_art_hight

Oh Yeah . . . don’t for get the EMERGENCY NET AT 10 AM Wednesday AND the monthly meeting at 7 PM at the Camden County Fire Station.

Remember if you have anything you wish to sell, send information to Jack so he can post it here. AND if you have any ideas for the web page . . . again send it to Jack!