Jan 25

Update for January 2015

(2 Feb, 2015)
JUST A QUICK NOTE: I update the Eat’n Meet’n location and corrected Allen’s call sign.

HELLO! LOARC members, here are some updates for the activities of the Club.

  1. Posted the January 2015 minutes and took down all of 2014 minutes. If you need a copy of any from 2014 let me know as I have archive them.
  2. Fred Groce (K0FG), Glenn Commons (K0KER), and Jack Rudolph ((W0TJR) spent several hours Sunday 18 January putting a protective tarp over the trailer. I posted some pictures of their hard work under the Photos tab.
  3. A BIG WELCOME ABOARD to three new member:
    1. Dan Cook KD4HYP of Stover, MO
    2. Jerry Berner K8OUX of Lake Qzark, MO (added mug shot to Member Photo)
    3. Allen Rehmer AD0LJ of Cole Camp, MO
  4. Received some good ideas on the layout of the web site, see if you can find the changes.
  5. As most of the members know I have posted a short video of Scott’s son, Ben, calling CQ during the Eagle Days SE on “You TUBE”. What many may not know is that I also sent some pictures, an outline of what Eagle Days is all about, and a link to the YOU TUBE video to HamNation. I’ll let y’all know when it will be aired on TWIT.TV and I’ll post a link to the show when I get it.
  6. One last thing, I’ve been asked about leaving comments on different pages of the website, well I have disabled leaving comments. I have set up a email account for the club and have listed it in the header. If you see a page that seems to allow comments, please let me know. Reason for this is two fold 1) I don’t visit the site every day . . . I may go a week or so without visiting the site, 2) I do check my email daily and my mail program automatically check the clubs email, 3) I don’t know how to check where the comments go!
  7. I know it is early but don’t forget the Emergency Net on Feb 11th at 10:00 AM and the club meeting on the same day at 7:00 PM
Jan 16

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all the club members and all the HAMs around the world. The special event we held was a total success and we thank those who participated. I’ve posted a link to the PDF file I am sending to HamNation so members and non-members can have a copy of it. Simply click the link it will open the document in a separate window then you can save it if you wish.


Here is a short video of Scott Poest’s son calling CQ at the event:

Whoops been over ridden on this looks like I’ll be leaving the Eagle Days SE page up till the end of March so any late comers can get the information they need to request a certificate or QSL card.

Here is another link about our SE from Lake News:


I also posted the November 2014 minutes (remember in December we don’t hold a “regular” meeting).

Don’t forget the Emergency Net at 10 AM this coming Wednesday 14 Jan 2015 and the club meeting that evening at 7:00 PM. Click on “Meeting” tab not the drop down for more information about our meetings. Oh yeah, due are do!

Jan 05

WOW!!! Did we have fun!!!!!!!

NewYear_Celebrations_Around_TheWorld2012_freecomputerdesktopwallpaper_1920I can’t say it enough! WOW!! Did we have FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN . . . !!! LOARC’s Special Event that was held over the last two days (Jan 3 & 4) was a total success!! We made well over 350 contacts from the USA and several from Canada. The actual count will be posted just as soon as the “Man In Charge” Mr. Glenn Commons (K0KER) gets all the logs correlated. A BIG THANKS goes out to Glenn for coming up with this idea and organizing it, we know he put in a ton of personal time. A list of all those that help setup/tear down, and especially those that operated & logged will be post as soon as they become available.

The Eagle Days SE tab will remain available for a couple of more days so those that contacted us can get the information needed to request a certificate or a QSL card.

As promised all those that participated in the event a BIG Thanks to them ALL:

People who worked the event:

Early Antenna rope setup: Jack McGuire (KD0QEB), Fred Groce (K0FG), Glenn Commons (K0KER)

Those who participated with set up:  Jack McGuire (KD0QEB),  Jack Rudolph (W0TJR), Jack Rudolph II, and Glenn Commons (K0KER)

Saturday and Sunday Operators and Loggers:  Jack McGuire (KD0QEB), Judy McGuire, Jack Rudolph (W0TJR), Jack Rudolph II, John Diggs (KD0BUI, Albin Hudek (KE0AAQ), Steve Bouck (AA4SB), Ralph Eddins (KD0LDS), Fred Groce (K0FG), Bill Jones (  ), Ranita Jones (KD0USW, Ray Tucker (N0ZYX) , Scott Poest (KB8KGU), Ben Poest (age 10) Peg Klaus (KC0GUE), Gary Beasley (KI6TND) and Glenn Commons (K0KER).  That’s 17 people!  I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Tear down on Sunday afternoon: Jack McGuire (KD0QEB), Fred Groce (K0FG), Ray Tucker (N0ZYX), Ralph Eddins (KD0LDS) Gary Beasley (KI6TND) and Glenn Commons (K0KER).

Folks! we couldn’t do it with out ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just posted some PICTURES under the “PHOTO” tab, check’em out!