January 2017 Minutes


January 11, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Jimmy Schapiro (KDØFPC) at 7:00 p.m.  Introductions followed: There were 12 members present and two visitors. 

The November, 2016 minutes were approved.  The financial report was also approved.

Standing committee reports:

  • REPEATER: The consensus was that the repeater is working well. 
  • EMRGENCY NET: Ralph Eddins (KDØLTS) was not present but it was reported that there were 7 check-ins this morning.  The net is held every second Wednesday of the month, the same day as our club meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Ernie Venis reported that Ron Gentry, in anticipation of the forecasted ice storm, requested that we have volunteers standing by to handle emergency communications starting midnight Thursday night until Friday, 6 p.m.  Several members said that they would be willing to participate.  (Fortunately for us, the storm went south of our coverage area and no involvement was needed.)

Jimmy asked how much ice the power lines could handle before it starts interrupting power transmission.  Ernie said that question had come up with an EOC/Como meeting that week and the answer is ¼”.  Jimmy said that he didn’t care because if he loses power, he’ll just jump in bed and curl up with his dog.

Mark your calendars for emergency drill and club meeting on February 8th.

  • TRAILER COMMITTEE:  The trailer is snug in the storage locker.  Steven Bouck (AA4SB) said he had borrowed a microphone from one of the transceivers and wanted to return it, but it was decided a special trip was not required.
  • TESTING LIAISON: Fred Groce (KØFG) took over as our club’s testing liaison three years ago this month.  Thanks, Fred. He is currently on a world tour but will return when the robins come north.
  • WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire (KDØQEB) said that all is working well. 

John MacLeod, (KZØKZ0), requested that the roster on the website be sorted by call sign.  Glenn will sort the roster that way and provide to Jack McGuire to see if he can implement the request.

Jimmy suggested that we have our Eatin’ Meetin’ tomorrow, Thursday, since getting to the luncheon looks unlikely for Friday.  However, it was not changed, and, sure enough, no one was able to make the luncheon.  Larry Gregory used Seri to check the weather, and it isn’t looking good.

  • 2 METER NET:  January Net Control: Glenn Commons   (KØKER):
    February Net Control:  Frank Miller   (KS2Z)
                               March Net Control:  OPEN
  • WRECKING CREW:  For now, Jimmy Schapiro (KDØFPC) and Jack McGuire (KDØQEB) are the ones to call if you need help putting up an antenna. Glenn (KØKER) said that he has a new wire antenna he wants to put up and will call them for help next week when it is supposed to be warm.
  • 10 METER NET: Wally reported that there were five people on the net; some heard others well and some could not hear anything.  Frank said that he usually can’t make it because he is cooking dinner at that time.
  • NEW BUSINESS:  John MacLeod (WZØWZO), said that The Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society has a net every night at 8:00 p.m. on their repeater, and we are invited to participated.  He also reported that in the past three months, they have tested 16 people; three new techs and the rest were license upgrades.  They have an active recruiting program to getting new people into ham radio. 

Steven Bouck (AA4SK) said that there is a fairly new federal program to encourage schools to emphasize science and math called STEM.  It can come with funding when implemented properly and that we might be able to encourage schools to get kids involved in ham radio through this program.  Larry Gregory, (KCØRKY) said that the science teachers will not take time away from their core curriculum to get involved in ham radio; they have to teach to achieve grade levels.  He said he tried to implement a volunteer ham radio program several years ago in the Climax Springs school system with little support from the school and little interest from the children.

Also, John said that the Rolla Society has a Sky Warn net at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday nights.  They are requesting that we make some changes to our repeater which would link it to their repeater.  A lengthy discussion followed on how this would work from a technical aspect and Larry (KCØRKY) expressed concern as to what sort of interference this would cause.  John said he would get some additional information from the Rolla Society which we can pass on to the people in charge of our repeater to make a determination as to the feasibility of the request.  Gary Welsh (NØRIJ) is our repeater’s trustee, so when the information is available, Glenn agreed to pass it on to Gary.  Ernie Venis (WØCGA) said he would be willing to work on the project as well.

  • The Eagle Days Special Event Station was held on Saturday, January 7th at the EOC.  Twelve LOARC members and prospective members participated.  Thanks to Ron Gentry for allowing us to use the facility and to Ernie Venis for opening the building for our use.  It was 4 degrees at 7:00 a.m. as we opened the building to get ready for the event which was much warmer and more spacious than our Emergency Communications Trailer. 

Over the course of the day, operating two stations on 20 and 40 meters, we made 102 contacts during what could only be described as bad band conditions.  Included the in QSO’s were two Canadian stations, one in the Canary Islands, one contact was made with a ham in Florida who was using a 5 watt “portable” setup and one seven year old.   Those Club members participating were Steven Bouck, (AA4SK), Larry Cicchinelli, (K3PTO), Ralph Eddins, (KDØLTS), Lee Cole, (KCØKTY). Ray Tucker, (NØZYX), Wally Pfaff, (KIØNX), Scott Poest  (KB8KGU) and his son Ben, Ernie Venis (WØCGA), and Glenn Commons (KØKER).  This was Lee’s first time on HF, and we had to pull him away from the radio when it was time to shut down.  J.W. Shaw and Ann Alexander, recently licensed Techs also got in  some firsthand HF experience.  Thanks to all who participated.  Look for a report and photos on our Club’s website.

During the meeting, a Thank You card for Ron Gentry for allowing us the use of the EOC was signed by all in attendance.  Ernie Venis (WØCGA), said he will deliver it to him. Thanks Ernie.

  • Sickness and Injuries: Glenn reported an deceased deer who decided to commit suicide on the left front fender of his wife’s car on the way to the club meeting.
  • Ham Equipment for sale or swap: Check the website:  loarc.co

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:45 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Glenn Commons (KØKER)