March 2017 Minutes

March 8, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Jimmy Schapiro.  Introductions were made.  There were 10 members present and 4 visitors. 

The minutes and treasurer’s report from the February meeting were approved.

Mark your calendars for the monthly emergency drill at 10:00 a.m. and the Club Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Camdenton Mid-County Fire Station on Wednesday, April 12th.


Committee Reports

  • REPEATER: The repeater is working well.
  • CAMDEN COUNTY EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS: Ernie said that this morning that he ran the net and had one check-in. Jimmy said that he heard the emergency siren when he was out driving and at times he cannot hear the siren at all.
  • TESTING LIAISON: No testing tonight. It looks as though we will have at least one person for testing in April.
  • 10 Meter Net: Three people were on the net.  Glenn (K0KER) said that he had talked to Larry (W0YY) who said he has lost interest in the 10 meter net since so few were showing up.  Several people said that they have listened in for the net, heard nothing and tuned out.  It was suggested that there may be ten people listening and no one saying anything – the bottom line is, if you don’t hear anything, speak up.

 2 METER NET:  April Net Control:  Fred Groce, K0FG

                              :   May Net Control:  Glenn Commons, K0KER

  • WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire (KDØQEB) said that the site is working well and is handling emails properly.

 TRAILER COMMITTEE:  Glenn brought up that the tires on the trailer are old and may need to be replaced.  Larry (KC0RKY) said that he thought the tires were new when the trailer was converted to its current use.  It was agreed that when we have a maintenance day, the tires should be checked and probably be replaced.

  • WRECKING CREW: Glenn thanked Jack and Jimmy for helping him put up a new wire antenna in February.
  • FIELD DAY: June 25th / 26th. We’ll start discussion on Field Day at the April meeting.  It is suggested that we use the emergency power at the EOC and operate from there.

John MacLeod asked again about our ability to link to the Rolla repeater per their request.  Glenn said that he had talked to Gary Welsh who had been in contact with a friend who operates the same repeater we have, and that it looks as though our repeater may already have everything to create the link without additional expense.  We’ll get more information when Gary returns, possibly in May.  John said that we should do this because having the linked net is creating lots of interest in ham radio in Rolla; they have been testing many people at each of their meetings.  The Rolla club meets the first Monday of every month should you want to visit a meeting.


Glenn reported that Fred Groce said he is upset that he has spent so much money to avoid the “winter that wasn’t” here in Missouri and is certain that it was his leaving town that created such a mild winter.  He thinks that we should chip in to help pay for his trip south next winter.  Everyone agreed and the hat was passed to start collecting funds. We’ll do this every meeting until December of this year.  At the rate collections came in, by December, we’ll have at least $1.00.  Someone suggested that he would chip in if Fred’s trip were one way.

Jack McGuire (KD0QEB) reported that the board had agreed to purchase a device for testing used coax.  It has been received, tested and has worked well in testing eight pieces of length.  Larry Gregory said that it will destroy any coax on which it is used.  If you have used coax of questionable lineage, this will either determine if it is usable or make it unusable.  The good news is that it eliminates any questions about the  coax.

  Sickness and Injuries: Jimmy reported that he was almost dead but that he has had three operations since our last meeting and woke up this morning still not dead.  He’s hoping for the same result tomorrow, and so are we.

  • Ham Equipment for sale or swap: There were four 2 meter radios and a ham TV transceiver that Larry Gregory supplied.  One 2 meter radio was already sold and the other three were sold that evening.  Later in the week, John MacLeod purchased the TV transceiver.  The funds have been deposited in our bank account. 

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Glenn Commons (KØKER)