April 2017 Minutes



April 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Jimmy Schapiro.  Introductions were made.  There were 15 members present and 2 visitors.

The March minutes were approved.

Standing committee reports:

  • REPEATER: Gary Welsh (NØRIJ) is back from Arizona and said that the repeater is working well.
  • EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS: The emergency drill was run today. It is always run on the same day as our club meeting at 10:00 a.m.  Ernie Venis was net control.  He had 4 check-ins.   Mark your calendars for emergency drill and club meeting for May 10th.
  • TESTING LIAISON: There were three (3) people for testing.
  • TEN METER NET: Jack (KD0QEB) said that conditions have been horrible and that even with an antenna cut specially for 10 meters, he is not getting much activity. Fred said that we are nearing the bottom of the sun cycle and conditions should be improving over the next few years.  Be patient.
  •  WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire (KDØQEB) said the website is going well.  If you have ideas or contributions, such as items for sale, let Jack know.
  • FIELD DAY: June 24th / 25th. Jimmy (KC0FPC) agreed to stop in at the MDC and confirm that we have permission to use their site for Field Day. 

(We have only two meetings remaining prior to the event: the meeting coming up this Wednesday and the one just before the event.  We will assess how many members and guests will be available to work field day and decide at the meeting on May 10th how to proceed.)

  • TRAILER COMMITTEE: The condition of the trailer’s tires was brought up. They are at least 14 years old.  It was moved, seconded and approved that the trailer should be taken to Clark’s, the Firestone Store in Laurie or some other store to get new tires and have a new set put on.  Jack said that he would be willing to take the trailer (or just the wheels and tires) and do it.
  • WRECKING CREW: Nothing to report.
  • 2 METER NET:     May Net Control: Tom Ely (KC0VUM)
                                   Jun net Control:  Glenn Commons (K0KER)
  • OLD BUSINESS: John (KC0KZ0) asked about linking our repeater to the Rolla repeater.

Gary and John said that they will look into now that they are back from snowbirding.  It was questioned as to why we would even want to do it.  To enhance general communications and to be more active in ham radio was one answer.  Fred said we could turn the link on and off as we desired.  Fred agreed that he and Gary would research it to determine what the cost and technical effort would entail and report back at the May meeting.

John also said that he had purchased a transceiver for ham radio TV and was in need of old type tube television sets of 13” screens or smaller.  If you have such you are willing to repurpose, see John.

  •  Ham Equipment for sale or swap: see the website.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:35 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Glenn Commons (KØKER)