June 2017 Minutes



June 14, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Jimmy Schapiro (KD0FPC).  Introductions were made.  There were 15 members and 2 visitors.  

The May minutes were sent out via email.  They were approved.  Financials were reviewed at the meeting with an update coming after meeting with the bank.

Standing committee reports:

  • REPEATER: Gary stated that “as far as I know, everything is running”.
  • 2 METER NET:             July Net Control:  Glenn Commons

                                                August Net Control:  open, please step up.

  • 10 METER NET: 5 people were on the net last night including one from Florida and a ham in Canadian who was calling but with no results.
  • CAMDEN COUNTY EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS: The emergency drill was run today. It is always run on the same day as our club meeting at 10:00 a.m.  Fred Groce was net control.  He had ­5 check-ins.  

Mark your calendars for the emergency drill July 12th at 10:00 a.m. and the club meeting for the same evening at 7:00 p.m. 

  • TESTING LIAISON: There was one person for testing tonight.
  • WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire said he has added Field Day information.

FIELD DAY: June 24th / 25th.  We will hold this event at the same place we have for the past umpteen years: just outside of Camdenton at the Missouri Department of Conservation Thunder Road location going toward Bridal . Be there at 9:00 a.m. to help set up.  Tom Smith said that his brother, Tim, and another man from KC will be coming to participate, maybe with some of those good baked beans.   Food: Tom suggested we get party trays from a grocery store instead of buying cold cuts.  Tom has been creating an operating schedule, so if you have questions, please contact him: WA0OFO.  We still don’t know if we have a new tarp – it’s a mystery.  Fred Groce has agreed to deliver the trailer to Field Day on Saturday morning.

  • TRAILER COMMITTEE:  New tires were put on the trailer on May 31st.   

 Wrecking Crew: After getting the trailer tires changed, Jimmy, Fred and Glenn went to Tom Smith’s house to help him put up a new antenna.

  • OLD BUSINESS: Fred Groce reported on his understanding of the effort to link our repeater with the Rolla repeater. He suggested dong so via Echo Link.  First, we need COMO’s permission to make the changes, a pc, an internet connection and a modem if we are going to link using Echo Link.  John MacLeod commented that using Echo Link would list our repeater on the Echo Link website and that if we got calls with no one answering, our repeater would soon be listed as dead.  Other technical considerations were mentioned including linking via RF on a different frequency which would require another radio and antenna.  After twenty minutes of discussion, Larry Gregory questioned what the real advantage of linking to LOARC.  The original proposal presented four months ago stated that due to the increase in newly licensed hams Rolla was testing and the enthusiasm generated by having a nightly net on the Rolla repeater, there may be the same advantage to LOARC; i.e., new interest in ham radio here in the tri-county area and an increase in hams and membership.  It was suggested that due to the composition of our part-time and retirement community vs. the younger aged community in Rolla which has a large college contingent, doing what Rolla does may not generate the same results. 

As far as being of value during emergencies, it was suggested that we would better serve by going to the EOC and helping man the radios there where they are trained to operate in those situations.

Another use for Echo Link was suggested: allowing our sunbirds check in to our Saturday net from their warm locations, but Fred said that the second time he had to go to COMO to reboot the computer, it would be coming out.

After much more discussion, Larry called for votes to determine whether we should proceed at all.  There were two motions:

  1. We do not link with Rolla. Results:  In favor: 8    Opposed:  1  Which means we don’t link.
  2. We do not link to Echo Link. Results:  In favor: 10,  Opposed: 3   We will not link to Echo Link.

Tom Smith said that he would like to link with Echo Link for the reason he stated above.

  • NEW BUSINESS: John MacLeod said that, starting September 1st, he will be hosting a hybrid fast scan TV net.  The voice portion will be on our repeater, the TV portion will be over the air on 439.xx.  John asked permission to use our repeater from 9:00 pm until 10:00 p.m. every night for this purpose.  A vote was held and passed unanimously in favor.  Everyone can participate via the repeater, but there will be one rule: you must identify your call sign on each transmission.  If you want to see the video portion, any TV receiver will work when hooked up to a receiver on the proper frequency.
  • Sickness and Injuries:

* Janette Farrell is at a nursing home in Jefferson City.  Please send her a card.  An email was sent out with her address.

* George Penfield is becoming frail and is moving in with his son in Eldon.  Lee Cole said that he has gone through his ham equipment if anyone is interested and needs help taking down some antennas at George’s house. 

Announcements: The Warrensburg hamfest will be held July 15th at a different location than in the past.

Ham Equipment for sale or swap:  Please check the website.

Respectively submitted,

Glenn Commons (K0KER)