November 2017 Minutes


November 8, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Jimmy Schapiro (KC0FPC).  Introductions were made.  There were 13 members and 2 visitors present.

The October minutes were sent out via email.  They were approved.  There was no activity regarding our financials.

Standing committee reports:

  • REPEATER: Gary Welch (N0RIJ) reported that he and Fred Groce went to the repeater site and swapped out the MICOR repeater, which was under test, for the ICOM repeater and both are working fine.
  • CAMDEN COUNTY EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS: The emergency drill was run today. It is always run on the same day as our club meeting at 10:00 a.m.  Ernest Venis was net control.  He had 10 check-ins.   Ernie stated that the other repeater in Laurie, 146.955 (tone 1.928) is up and running for anyone to use.

Mark your calendars for emergency drill for December 13th.  Even though there will be no regular club meeting on 12/13, we will still run the emergency drill at 10:00 a.m.

Christmas Party: It was decided that Lil’ Rizzos’ by the Outlet Mall would be our first choice and The Golden Rock our second choice.  Glenn Commons agreed to stop by Lil’ Rizzos’ to see if they could accommodate us on December 13.  They agreed, so that’s where we are going.  Christmas Pary/Dinner: Li’l Rizzos (Outlet Mall) a social starting at 6:00 p.m. with dinners being ordered at 6:30 p.m.. 

 There are currently nine Club members signed up with fifteen people attending including guests.  Here is who is attending so far:

Glenn Commons and Linda
Ray Tucker and Mom
Larry Cicchinelli
Jerry Pharmer
Fred Groce and VJ
Jeanie Heib
Jack McGuire and Judy
Jimmy Schapiro and Rita
Ernie Venis and Sandy

If you haven’t let Glenn know you are coming and how many, please do so by return email a.s.a.p.

  • TESTING LIAISON: There were two for testing, and both passed.
  • WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire reported that the webpage is “webbing”.
  • TRAILER COMMITTEE: No activity.
  • Wrecking Crew: Nothing to report.
  • 2 METER NET:           December Net Control: Glenn Commons –  K0KER                                                                           January Net Control: Jerry Parmer –  KE0OTM
                                         February Net Control: Open
  • 10 METER NET: 5 were on last Tuesday.
  •  OFFICER ELECTIONS: Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO) was elected as our new President, and the previous Vice President, Jack McGuire (KE0QEB) and Secretary/Treasurer Glenn Commons (K0KER) were re-elected by acclimation.
    • It was moved and seconded that we allow anyone, not just Club members, to list equipment for sale on our website provided the person listing the equipment signs our disclaimer of any Club liability. Jack McGuire has since created such a document, available on our website.
    • Jack McGuire asked what we were doing about Eagle Days Special Event Station. After some discussion, Fred Groce said he would see if we could obtain a SES call sign and Ernie agreed that we could use the EOC instead of dragging out our Comm Trailer.  (This has been accomplished.  The call sign we will use is N0E, and Fred will head up the operation.  If you want to participate, even if you have only a Tech license, let Fred Groce know.  This is a great way to get some supervised HF operating experience.)
  •  Ham Equipment for sale or swap: Check the website:
  1. Jimmy announced that Jeannette Farrow, widow of Roger Farrow (KD0CDP) SK, passed away in a nursing home two days ago.  A private memorial service will be held at a later date.
  2. Ernie Venis (WØCGA) announced that he is running a Technician training class at the EOC on Wednesday nights, the first session being November 15th. Any club members wanting to attend and lend support are welcome.
  3. Fred announced that the ARRL CW Contest was last weekend, and the 18th ARRL Phone contest for US and Canada only is next weekend.
  4. Ray Tucker (N0ZYX)) announced that the Nixa Hamfest will be on November 15th.                 

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:35 p.m.

NON-OFFICIAL MEETING MINUTES: Jerry Parmer (KE0OTM) gave a presentation on using Echolink.  He has been in contact with the Arizona Club station where Tom Smith resides during the winter.  He gave some instruction on how to download the software, get an Echolink authorization and set up your phone.  Fred is continuing to work on getting our Echolink connection through our repeater working so anyone, including snowbird club members can check into our Saturday morning net no matter where they are.  Jerry offered to help anyone trying to get setup on Echolink, just give him a call.  Thanks Jerry.

Respectively submitted,
Glenn Commons (K0KER)