April 2018 Minutes

April 11, 2017

Notice: Anyone who has not paid their 2018 dues by the end of April will be dropped from the blast email list.  See mailing address for sending in your check at the end of this email.

The meeting was called to order by Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO) at 7:02 p.m.  Introductions followed: There were 12 members present and no visitors. 

The March, 2018 minutes had been sent out via email and were approved.  The financial report was also presented at the meeting.

Standing committee reports:

  • REPEATER: No new news.
  • EMRGENCY NET: There were eight check-ins on the .995 repeater; several of our club members were in the group.

Mark your calendars for the emergency drill at 10:00 a.m. and club meeting on May 9, 2018.  Remember, we will be using the 146.955 repeater that needs a code.

  • TRAILER COMMITTEE: Fred Groce (K0FG) said that four people: attended the “work day” at the trailer site on April 4th.  Jerry Parmer ( KE0OTM), Jack McGuire (KD0QEB), Lee Cole (KC0KTY) .  Tire pressure checked, battery charged.  Some lights are still not working.
  • TESTING LIAISON: There was one person who tested tonight.
  • WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire (KDØQEB) said that the hosting company for our site had a crash and our information was restored with an obsolete file; this caused the loss of some of the recently updated information. A roster was passed around at the meeting for any corrections, and there were quite a few. If you did not attend the meeting, please check your information on the website and let Glenn know if corrections on your information are needed.
  • WRECKING CREW: No activity this month.
  • 2 METER NET:
    •  April Net Control: Frank Miller (KS2Z)
    • May Net Control:  Glenn Commons (K0KER) with Fred taking the first Saturday.
    • June Net Control:  Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO)
    • July Net Control:   Jerry Parmer (KE0OTM)
  • 10 METER NET: Larry Cicchinelli ran the net and had four check-ins.
    • Rich Hosgood:  Frank Galinski (N0LRG) said that Rich Hosgood’s brother contacted him to say he would be at the Lake sometime in late April and would let us know about any funeral service he arranges for Rich.  If you see any information on a planned service, please let Glenn know so he can send out a blast email to the membership.
    • Field Day:
      • Jimmy Schapiro (KD0FPC) has secured permission from MDC for LOARC to use their parking lot for Field Day.
      • Jack said he was set to do PSK digital with his own equipment and Buddistick antenna. He said he would work with a couple of other club members to create appropriate macros for Field Day.
      • Larry commented that FT8 does not work well for Field Day since the canned messages are not set up for contests, and although the messages can be changed, the change has to be made for each message. There is no way to create a macro that will work for consecutive contacts.  Also, the computer has to be synchronized with the time because there are specific send and receive time slots.
    • Ralph’s Icom 718 and DLG auto tuner:  Glenn (K0KER) moved that the club purchase Ralph Eddins’ Icom 718 transceiver and auto tuner for $500.00 as a replacement for one of the Kenwood 450’s we have been using.  One of the Kenwood transceivers has a CW filter, the other does not, so it is likely we will sell the one without the filter.  This will be assessed and confirmed by using each one at Field Day.  The motion was approved.  It was then moved, seconded and approved that we sell the selected Kenwood transceiver after Field Day. 
    • Free Stuff:  Lee Cole offered a large spool of 300 ohm twin lead and an old Radio Shack rotator/control unit.  Frank Galinski took him up on the rotator/controller offer.
    • Mike Eddins should be coming to the Lake soon so we can get Ralph’s equipment for those who want it taken down and out of the house.  Glenn said he would send out an email and/or call those who have dibs on any equipment for which they have spoken as soon as he learns when Mike is coming over.
    • Gun Club training:
      • Jack McGuire (KD0QEB) received an email from a man from Illinois who is with the U.S. Rifleman’s Association, a gun club that is meeting in Ulman, MO for a weeklong meeting from October 21st to 26th.  He was inquiring as to our club’s willingness to provide an overview of amateur radio for their twelve trainers.  After some discussion, it was moved, seconded and approved that we work up an agenda for a two to three hour training session.  Jack said that they requested UHF and VHF information, possibly with a “fox hunt”, not HF training.  This typically takes specialized handheld antennas to triangulate the hidden transmitter’s location.  Fred Groce offered that any HT held close to the chest becomes quite directional and could be used that way to do a fox hunt.  Fred and Glenn Commons agreed they would be willing to do the training, and Larry offered to work with Fred to create a tentative agenda.  Meanwhile, Jack is contacting the man who made the inquiry to get a better understanding of what they want to learn and to invite any of their members to attend our Field Day activities at MDC.  Fred suggested that we try to do the training during daytime.
    • Repeater Link Request:
      • Another Request: Jack also received an email from KB4VSP in Holts Summit wondering if our club would be willing to establish an Echolink node with our 440 repeater with their repeater on 444.875.  That repeater, although listed on our website, is not the club’s, and Jack is forwarding the request to Scott Poest (KB8KGU) who owns the repeater.
  •  Sickness and Injuries: Nothing to report.
  • Ham Equipment for sale or swap: Check the website: loarc.com
    • Our procedure for allowing anyone to list equipment is in place.  Please download the equipment for sale submission form, fill it out and email it back to Jack McGuire per instructions on the website.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Glenn Commons (KØKER)

Send your dues check made out to LOARC to;

Glenn Commons
103 Helinda Lane
Four Seasons, MO  65049