June 2018 Minutes

June 13, 2018 

The meeting was called to order by Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO) at 7:00 p.m.  Introductions followed: There were 16 members present and two visitors. 

The May, 2018 minutes had been sent out via email and were approved.  The financial report was given by Glenn Commons (K0KER) at the meeting.

Standing committee reports:

  • REPEATER: Gary Welsh (N0RIJ) said that it was running pretty well. The by-laws require that should one repeater need repair, in order to keep the station running, we need to have at least four people trained to swap out the repeaters. Gary Welsh (N0RIJ) and Fred Groce (K0FG) trained Jack McGuire (KD0QEB), and Jerry Parmer (KE0OTM) and Frank Miller (KS2Z) have expressed interest in being trained. Jack is in the process of writing procedural instructions and wants to get photos of the equipment to incorporate in the instructions.  The repeaters were swapped out for about four days and the training took place as the equipment was switched back.
  • EMRGENCY NET: Ernie Venis (W0LTC) said that there were 13 check-ins with two coming from Kansas, two from Springfield, one from Nixa, three from of Springfield, one from Fairgrove and three locals.   

Mark your calendars for the emergency drill at 10:00 a.m. on the .955 repeater and our monthly club meeting on the same day: July 11 2018.

  • TRAILER COMMITTEE: Fred stated that he has the battery at his house and the connector ready to put on for Field Day. It was decided that someone should check the trailer and tire pressure before Field Day.  Fred, Jack and Glenn went to the storage facility and found one tire’s valve stem had failed.  Fred and Jack took the trailer to Clark Tire and had it repaired.  Jerry Parmer agreed to tow the trailer on Saturday morning to our MDC Field Day site and return it afterward on Sunday.(and got there early Saturday morning to install the wiring connector – Thanks Jerry!)
  •  TESTING LIAISON: There was no one there to test.
  • WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire said he has made some updates to the website and encourages everyone to check it out and do so on a regular basis. If you have any articles, information or cartoons for Jack to post, please forward to him.
  • WRECKING CREW: Dan Cook asked for assistance in erecting a verticle antenna on the tower attached next to his “tree house”. (Update, on Monday, June 25th, Jack McGuire and Glenn Commons went to Dan’s house and assessed the effort needed to erect a vertical antenna on top of his tower.)  Dan also said he had acquired a portable crank-up antenna as salvage from his local fire department, and if we wanted to use it at Field Day, we are welcome to do so.   
  • 2 METER NET: July Net Control:             Jerry Parmer (KE0OTM)
                               August Net Control:        Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO)                                                                                 September Net Control: Open
                               October Net Control:      Open
                               November Net Control:  Open
                               December Net Control:  Open
  • 10 METER NET: Larry reported that there were six (6) check-ins, two from Florida.
  • OLD BUSINESS: Larry sent an email to the Boy Scouts regarding their request for merit badge training but received no response. He also sent an email to the gun club representative who wanted us to teach a course on ham radio with no response.  Fred said he had not heard from any of those with whom he had been in communication as well. 

NEW BUSINESS: Glenn told about a Caribbean “Ham Cruise” out of Galveston in January on a ship specifically set up for ham radio operators so that they can book time on the ship’s ham station(s) and work legally from sea.

The question of putting our committees and committee members on the website was brought up, and it was agreed to do so.  It was also decided to put the VE’s on the website.

Ernie notified us that the Can-Am games were coming to the Lake from June 24th to July 2nd and that they would be running communications for the event from the EOC.  He stated that there may be a need for operators to assist in the effort, so stand by.

  • FIELD DAY: Larry said that he had sent out a Field Day schedule with eighteen people on the list, and once who is available and when is determined, he would send out actual operator and logger assignments. Jack is bringing his transceiver, computer and Buddi-Stick antenna to operate PSK-31.  Scott Poest (KB8KGU) agreed to put our Field Day press release on local social media if Glenn would send him our press release.  He did, and he did.  Fred agreed to unlock the storage facility for Jerry on Field Day morning.  Larry said each of us is on his own for lunch.  A headcount for the pitch-in dinner was taken with the count of 25 (which turned out to be fairly accurate, and there was plenty of food left over.)  For the pitch-in, Tom Smith (WA0OFO) agreed to handle the sandwiches, his brother, Tim (WA0OFM) is bringing Jack Stack’s baked beans from Kansas City.  We were reminded to bring a covered dish and our own lawn chairs.
  • Sickness and Injuries: Nothing to report.
  • Ham Equipment for sale or swap: Check the website: loarc.com
    • Fred said that Ralph had a UV-5R dual band hand held with a bad battery.  If anyone wants it, he was sure Ralph would be happy to give it to him.
    • Our procedure for allowing anyone to list equipment is in place.  Please download    the equipment for sale submission form, fill it out and email it back to Jack McGuire per instructions on the website.

The meeting was adjourned at exactly 7:44 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Glenn Commons (KØKER)

50/50 DRAWING:  Ticket sales were $18.00.  Ray Tucker had the winning ticket but did not pick a Joker to win. The pot is now $58.00.