March 2020 Minutes


March 11, 2020

The meeting was called to order by Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO) at 7:00 p.m.  Introductions followed: There were 11 members present and 1 visitor. 

Approved February minutes.

 Standing Committee Reports:

  •  REPEATER: No Report.
  • WRECKING CREW: Wally (KIØNX) is selling his house and may need to have his tower taken down. Glenn is checking into contacting a gentleman (Frank H) that may be able to assist. Update: Frank is no longer doing tower removals.
  • TESTING LIAISON: In February 3 people tested and passed (2 Tech and 1 General). This week there will be one testing for Extra and one General.
  • WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire (KDØQEB) says it is up to date.
  • EMERGENCY NET: 6 Check-ins on 146.73 & 6 Check-ins on 146.955.
  • 10 Meter Net: 6 Check-ins:
  • 2 METER NET: 47 total check-ins for the month of February.
    • March Net Control: Glenn Commons – KØKER
    • April Net Control: Frank Miller – KS2Z          
    • May Net Control: Gary Sundstrom – KE5JTL
    • June Net Control: Larry Cicchinelli – K3PTO
    • July Net Control: Need a Volunteer
    • August Net Control:  Ron Swinney – AB0P


  • Public Relations Representative – Glenn Commons was nominated and accepted by unanimous vote of the members present.
  • FIELD DAY 2020: June 27th -28th.
    • Steve (AA4SB) will try to organize a planning committee with 3 members. Please contact Steve if interested.
    • Frank NØLRG will stop by and confirm availability for Camdenton Tower Site Missouri Department of Conservation. Update: Frank was able to confirm the site.
  • Training Sessions: Do we want to do this in the fall?
    • We only had one session last fall – 7 signed up, 6 showed up and 5 passed the test.
    • Bruce (KEØYBU) asked how many people who take the test end up as members. Steve (AA4SB) said that many taking the test come in from out of town 30+ minutes away. So one reason may be simply logistics. Bruce would like to find a way to get some of the local technician class licensees involved to help them get their general class license. It was noted that many in the area go for technician only to be members of the Lake Area Storm Spotters which use only 2 meters.
    • Bruce would like to see if there is a way to generate interest in Ham radio beyond the training sessions. Steve mentioned that there is a good article in the January 2020 edition of QST magazine (page 66) about reaching school age kids. Please read the article and prepare to brainstorm on ideas to promote this in our area. It is a great way to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in our community. The club should look at ways to get interest in the local schools.
    • Larry (K3PTO) suggested that we offer a day of teaching then have a study session a week later. It was suggested that we offer some training for those Technician that want to upgrade to General. There was also some discussion about having 20-30 minute training sessions before each monthly meeting. We will continue to have this discussion in future meetings.
  • Community Involvement: Can we look into ways to be involved in local event?
    • Dogwood Festival – The Chamber of Commerce would be a good place to start since they took over the organization of the Dogwood Festival.
    • Lake of the Ozarks Air Show – The Airshow at is another option to be involved in. Glenn (KØKER) will look into contacting someone from the Airshow.
    • Eagle Days – It was suggested that we contact the organizers to see if we can setup where they have the eagle displays. (was at Osage National Golf Course)
    • Field Day – We may want to be set up in a more public area. Suggestions include a city park, Walmart, Camden county courthouse.
    • Could we also Demo a HT as some of these events to show how a repeater works?


  • Antenna Removal: Larry mentions that there is someone on Shady Lane that needed an antenna removed. The club does NOT climb towers due to liability concerns. There was some discussion on how to handle these requests. Glenn Commons said he would contact Frank H. to see if he would be willing to do this one also. Update: Frank is no longer doing tower removals.2nd Update:The tower on Shady Lane has been taken down.
  • International Space Station Communication: Jack (KDØQEB) recently heard the ISS passing overhead. He will post some links on the website if anyone is interested in listening.

Sickness and Injuries: No updates

Ham Equipment for sale or swap:  See the website.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:45p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Robert  Harmon  KEØTTL