July 2020 Minutes


July 08, 2020

The meeting was called to order by Steve Bouck (AA4SB) at 7:00 pm. 

Introductions followed: There were 15 members present and no visitors for the meeting. 

Approved June minutes

Standing Committee Reports 

  • REPEATER: Repeater was repaired. Gary NØRIJ is looking into pricing for a used backup repeater. He feels we can find one for $300-$400. Please note: The club repeater did not get a CTCSS Tone programmed as promised. Gary will contact the repair shop and see what they can do to get the tone programmed. There was some discussion and it was decided to pursue having the tone programmed to be in compliance with the Missouri Repeater Council.
  • TRAILER COMMITTEE: The trailer is currently parked at Fred’s house until we are able to locate a more permanent storage option. There is an option to park outside at the Camden County EMA facility. If it is parked outside is was recommended that should be covered with a carport type structure. Cost would be about $1,500 for the carport. Paul K6IMZ knows of an outdoor secure lot with camera surveillance for about $30 per month. This discussion is tabled until we can get more input on other options. Please let a club officer know if you have any ideas for indoor storage.
    • There is still an issue with plugging the trailer into a GFCI outlet. At some point, we may need to look into this a bit more.
  • WRECKING CREW: No Report
  • TESTING LIAISON: June testing 2 passed – 1 Extra and 1 Technicians. No testing tonight.
  • WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire WJØTM – New pictures from field day have been posted. We will continue to list the SKs on the website.
    • NOTE: We need to get the member’s photos current on the website. Please email a current photo or plan to have one taken at the next club meeting.
  • EMERGENCY NET: 6 Check-ins on 146.73 & 4 Check-ins on 146.955
  • 10 Meter Net: 5 Check-ins:
  • 2 METER NET: June Check-ins   45 total
    • We are looking for volunteers to take the net for a month in 2021. Please consider doing this to help.
      • July Net Control: Frank Miller – KS2Z
      • August Net Control: Ron Swiney – ABØP
      • September Net Control: Jack McGuire – WJØTM
      • October Net Control: Gary Sundstrom – KE5JTL
      • November Net Control: Glenn Commons – KØKER
      • December Net Control: Frank Miller – KS2Z


  • FIELD DAY 2020: Steve AA4SB presented a final recap.
    • Paul K6IMZ pulled the trailer to the Camdenton City park and setup began at 9am.
    • Generator was fired up with no problem.
    • Two G5RV were placed in the trees, perpendicular to each other.
    • One antenna attached to HF setup in trailer.
    • One antenna attached to HF rig under shelter #2 at city park.
    • A 6 meter antenna was erected and secured to the pavilion, which was connected to K6IMZ’s transceiver for VHF operation.
    • K6IMZ also erected a Screwdriver vertical antenna for VHF work.
    • Steve AA4SB setup a screwdriver vertical for use on his transceiver for a GOTA station.
    • Power was run from the generator to the trailer and across the road to the pavilion, providing emergency power for all QSO operations.
    • Makeshift electric cord protection for the road crossing was created by Robert KEØTTL.
    • The setup crew was then treated to a McDonald’s lunch feast by Larry K3PTO. Approximately 10-12 people were present for set-up.
    • We operated as Class 2A. This was based on 100% emergency power and 2 HF transmitters. One VHF and one GOTA transmitter were considered “Free” for the count of transmitters.
    • At least one station was in operation throughout the scheduled 23 hour period planned except during dinner hour Saturday. During the day, usually 2-4 transmitters were operating, and during the night only one station was operating.
    • 15 Club members operated/participated onsite.
    • 11 visitors stopped by. Three of them were under 18 youth, who also were able to successfully make QSO’s.
    • Glenn KØKER contacted several media outlets and our event was mentioned on KJEL’s website and Facebook page, The Reporter newspaper, Lake News Online Twitter feed and ARRL Field Day locator map.
    • Jack WJØTM posted announcements and photos on our website and Facebook page.
    • Steve AA4SB posted announcements and photos on the recently inactive Twitter account.
    • The W1AW bulletin was copied by Digital and Phone.
    • There was an initially an apparent miscommunication regarding our permission for overnight. No difficulty was encountered after we reported the approval by City Park manager.
    • Clean-up began at 12:00 on Sunday.
    • Equipment was repacked into the trailer, including the newly acquired pole used to mount the 6meter antenna.
    • Gary N0RIJ took the generator home for servicing.
    • Trailer was taken to Fred K0FG’s for temporary storage.
    • The 5 gallon gas tank was filled with 91 octane and gas treatment solution and the generator fuel tank was emptied after servicing by N0RIJ and returned to the trailer.
  • Suggestions for Field 2021
    • A 2 meter radio needs to remain on the whole time during Field Day.
    • Consider placing a quick mount on the 2 meter antenna.
    • Night staff consisted of 2 people and consideration should be given next year as to whether this can be changed or scheduled differently.
    • Consider other ways to to store the newly acquired 6 meter mast and other equipment that may not be needed in the trailer for Emergency operations.
    • The club currently has 14 AWG extension cords, If using 3 transmitters, probably should use a heavier gauge wire extension cord. K6IMZ offered to donate a 10 AWG 100 ft. extension cord.
    • Make sure adequate bathroom facilities are within reasonable distance from the operating location.
  • Fall Training: This will be discussed at a future meeting.
  • 13 Colonies Event: Fred gave an update. The club was able to work all 13 on both CW and Phone. This is an annual event during the first 7 day of July.

NEW BUSINESS: Nothing to discuss at this meeting.

Sickness and Injuries: Nothing to report

Ham Equipment for sale or swap:  Dave Chase KGØYR has some antennas and antenna parts available for free. Paul K6IMZ will send out an email with pictures and information.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:05 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Robert Harmon KEØTTL