January 2021 Minutes

January 14, 2021

The meeting was called to order by Gary Sundstrom, President KE5JTL at 7:00 pm.

A You Tube video of a radio interview by ARRL CEO David Minister was viewed by all present.

Introductions: There were 12 members and 3 visitors present for the meeting.

Minutes: A motion to accept the minutes of the November 11, 2020 minutes was made by Ernie Venis and seconded by Robert Harmon. Motion passed.

Standing Committee Reports:

  • Repeater: Fred Groce reported that the repeater requires a tone of 127.3 to activate it and it is working fine. Tone squelch is also active.
  • Trailer Committee: The trailer is still at Fred’s. It has been approved to be stored at Emergency Management, but there will need to be a Memorandum of Understanding between the club and EMA. A cover will be needed before moving to the EMA. Robert Harmon reported that to build a structure with shingles for the trailer would cost $3,000. He can check with Rod Sederwall on cheaper supplies for a cover.
  • Wrecking Crew: There was no report.
  • Testing Liaison: Steve Bouck reported that two tested at the November meeting, Jacob Brown and Craig Kerns. There are two testing tonight.
  • Web Page: There was no report.
  • Emergency Net: 7 Check-ins on 146.73 and 8 Check-ins on 146.955 in January.
  • 10 Meter Net: 31 Check-ins in December.
  • 2 Meter Net: 34 Check-ins in December. The below listed member are Net Control for month indicated;
January Net Control: Larry Cicchinelli – K3PTØ
February Net Control: Jack McGuire – WJØTM
March Net Control: Fred Groce KØFG
April Net Control: Need to contact Gary if you want to volunteer for net control.

Old Business:

  • Ernie WØLTC gave an ARES update. There will be an Emergency Command Exercise on January 30 for Region F. It will be held through Audrain County repeater. This will also be Winter Field Day.

New Business:

  • The Eating Meeting on January 15 will be at the Branding Iron.
  • Robert Harmon on renting a post office box for the club. If the club had a post office then dues, insurance information, QSL cards, etc., could be sent to that address instead of having to change the address when there was an officer change. A small box would be $80 per year. Robert Harmon made a motion to pay for a post office box for the club and was seconded by Ernie Venus. After discussion the motion was amended to include a post office box at the Linn Creek Post Office. And seconded by Steve Bouck. Motion passed. Cheryl Bland will obtain the post office box.
  • Eagle Days was discussed. They will be held on March 6 at these two locations: Osage National Golf Course and the Regalia Hotel and Conference Center. It was decided to take the trailer to Osage National Golf Course because of better foot traffic. Someone will need to head up this project. Gary Sundstrom will contact Osage National for more information.

New Members

The following were unanimously accepted as new members of LOARC.

Ralli Mottar – W9TPA
Judy Mottar – KC9YUH

Ham Equipment for sale or swap:

The club was accepting donation for a brand new Isatone loop from a silent keys estate which was listed for $110. Don Weaver was the highest bidder.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:55 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Cheryl Bland