January 2022 Minutes


January 12, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL, President, at 7:00 pm.

Introductions: There were 12 members and 3 guests present for the meeting.

New Members: Gerald O’Shea is our newest member.

Minutes: A motion to accept the minutes of the November 10, 2021 meeting as amended was made and motion passed.

Standing Committee Reports

REPEATER: Fred Groce KØFG reported that the repeater is working. The power supply and battery from the trailer are here but not hooked up yet. The 440 unit is mainly for digital. FM is not turned on yet.

TESTING LIAISON: Steve Bouck KDØSB reported that the last testing was in November for three people. There was one tech, Larry KFØHDM, one general, Rich KCØMVK and one extra, Brian, KF7GNY. There were two individuals who were interested in testing tonight, but since they are not here tonight, maybe next month.

WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire WJØTM reported that there are lots of things going on and the webpage has been updated. It turns out that the letter from Mrs. Jackson was a scam and has been removed from the webpage. He was notified by other web operators. If anyone has anything to post to the webpage, please email him.

EMERGENCY NET: Ernie Venus WØLTC reported that there were 2 check ins on146.73 at 10 am and 2 check ins on 146.955 at 10:10 am on Wednesday, January 12.

10 Meter Net: There were 26 check ins on 28.410 at 9 pm on Tuesdays in November 2021 and 14 check ins on Tuesdays in December 2021. There were 3 or 5 check ins so far this month. (Larry Ciccinelli K3PTO).

2 METER NET: There were 25 check ins on 146.73 at 9 am on Saturdays in November (Fred Groce KØFG) and 37 in December (Dale Bland KEØYFL).

January Net Control: Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL
February Net Control: Jack McGuire WJØTM
March Net Control: Need volunteer


The final disposition of the trailer was discussed. The trailer is still sitting in Fred Groce’s garage. Ralli Mottar W9TPA is interested in the trailer. Gary Sundstrom asked for a motion to transfer the trailer to Ralli Mottar for no financial transfer. A motion was made by Jack McGuire and seconded by Bruce Bramon AEØIQ. Motion passed. There are still things in the trailer, such as the generator, etc., which need to be removed and a work hour will need to be scheduled.


Bruce Bramon reported that Dave Chase had given Larry Ciccinelli a lot of books. They range from basic to extremely technical and some are somewhat dated. They are on the credenza at the entrance. It will be a good reference library or project type information for club members. It is okay for members to take them home and bring them back when done. Nice equipment is available for purchase. Bruce has free items on the table and equipment is marked or best offer will be considered. See Bruce after the meeting for purchase. Cheryl Bland will collect the monies which will be deposited in the Equipment Fund. Bruce recommends using hamstudy.org for testing information.

Sickness and Injuries: There was none.

Ham Equipment for sale or swap: Ralli Mottar reported that he has a Dstar radio for sale for a couple $100.

Announcements: Gary Sundstrom reported that the landlord has requested that we consolidate and clean up after ourselves since they use the building also. In compliance with our Memorandum of Understanding the facility is available as alternate use for them.

Ernie Venis reported that Dennis Kostner, KEØRFO, part owner of KRMS is also a Councilman for the City of Lake Ozark, is looking for part time or full time dispatchers.

On January 22 there is a Hamfest at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville, IL. Ray Tucker and Fred Groce will have a table there to sell some things.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Cheryl Bland, KDØEYQ