February 2022 Minutes


February 9, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL, President, at 7:00 pm.

Introductions: There were 15 members and 3 guests present for the meeting.

New Members: There was none.

Minutes: A motion to accept the minutes of the January 12, 2022 meeting as amended was made by Dale Bland KEØYFL and seconded by Buford Casebolt KFØEAO. Motion passed.

Standing Committee Reports

REPEATER: Fred Groce KØFG reported that the repeater is working.

TESTING LIAISON: Steve Bouck KDØSB reported that Gerald O’Shea will be taking both the Technician and the General tests tonight.

WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire WJØTM was not at the meeting but reported by email that no changes were made to the website except for posting of the January minutes.

EMERGENCY NET: Ernie Venus WØLTC reported that there was one check in on146.73 at 10 am and one check in on 146.955 at 10:10 am on Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

10 Meter Net: There were 15 check ins on 28.410 at 9 pm on Tuesdays in January 2022. (Larry Ciccinelli K3PTO).

2 METER NET: There were 48 or 50 check ins on 146.73 at 9 am on Saturdays in January (Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL).

February Net Control: Jack McGuire WJØTM
March Net Control: Need volunteer
April Net Control: Need volunteer
May Net Control: Need volunteer

OLD BUSINESS: Bruce Bramon AEØIQ was unable to attend tonight’s meeting but emailed that he would like to remind everyone to continue to shop the remaining parts inventory so that the room can be cleaned out. Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL reminded everyone that there are books available for check out at the front desk.

NEW BUSINESS: The generator and antennae poles were discussed and tabled until the next meeting because the potential purchaser, Jack McGuire WJØTM is not at the meeting tonight. This discussion will be tabled until the next meeting.

Bill to be paid were presented for 50/50 giveaways and PO Box Rental. The option of six months or one year renewal for the PO Box was discussed. A motion to pay the bills ($12.85 for 50/50 giveaways and $138 for PO Box for one year) was made by Ernie Venus WØLTC and seconded by Dale Bland KEØYFL. Motion passed.

Ernie Venus WØLTC reported that Samantha Henley at the Camden County Emergency Management Office (EMA) and the Jefferson City ARES Office think that he needs an assistant. Good exercises have happened recently in Region F. He said that he can’t raise the repeaters in Jefferson City from his home. They are able to reach our repeater. DMR and Echolink are also being used. They are looking for better participation. He has the number of hours contributed and a summary of the exercises/networks if anyone is interested. Ernie will email to Jack McGuire WJØTM to post on the webpage. Ernie said that there is also a special section on the Camden County EMA webpage about Ham radios.

Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL asked members what they were interested in doing with the building. He would like to see the building used more for HF, DMR Repeater and 2 meter. He is available to leave members in if they would like to operate radios for a period of time. Buford Casebolt KFØEAO expressed interest in an HF group some evening. A survey may be sent out to club members to see what they are interested in doing. Can discuss this again at the next meeting.

Sickness and Injuries: Bruce Bramon AEØIQ will be having knee replacement surgery in Kansas City.

Fred Groce KØFG reported that Ray Myers WBØPYF has been fighting MS and cancer for several years has been placed in hospice.

Dale Bland KEØYFL is having blood issues.

Ham Equipment for sale or swap: Ralli Mottar W9TPA has a used DMR Anytone 878 radio for sale for $162.

Fred Groce KØFG has for sale a Johnson Matchbox tuner and an Elecraft K3 transreceiver for in the neighborhood of $2,000.


Steve Eden KØSRE, our POTA representative, brought framed certificates for POTA activities that have been awarded to the club. Steve has an account and there is also a club account with NØZS. Members can activate in the club’s name and also get points in their name. About every three months there is a support your park event. There are other special events that

Fred Groce KØFG reported that 160 or 170 Countries have been contacted by him using the club call sign. He also enrolled our club call sign in Straight Key Century Club.

Ralli Motar reported that Christian Academy is a go.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Cheryl Bland, KDØEYQ