April 2022 Minutes

April 13, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL, President, at 7:00 pm.

Introductions: There were 12 members and 3 guests present for the meeting.

New Members: Applications for membership were received from Mike Kunzelmaan KØLKB, Steve Rodgers KAØAVG, Penny Simon KDØYHJ, Fawzy Simon KDØYHI and Jason Pauly. All applications were voted on and accepted.

Minutes: The minutes of the March 9, 2022 meeting were approved as amended.

Standing Committee Reports

REPEATER: Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL reported that the 2 meter repeater is up and working and that the DMR repeater is working also.

TESTING LIAISON: Steve Bouck KDØSB reported that there will be testing tonight for four candidates.

WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire WJØTM reported that the webpage is up to date with the April 19 fee update for ham and GMRS licenses.
POTA: Steve Eden KØSRE reported that this weekend is a support your parks weekend and with the sun cycle it may be active. DX park to park contacts are expected. It will be fun this weekend. For more info go to POTA.app

EMERGENCY NET: Ernie Venus WØLTC reported that there was no net on Wednesday, April 13.

10 Meter Net: There were 15 check ins on 28.410 at 9 pm on Tuesdays in March 2022. (Larry Ciccinelli K3PTO).

2 METER NET: There were 48 check ins on 146.73 at 9 am on Saturdays in March (Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL).

April Net Control: Dale Bland KFØYFL (23 so far this month)
May Net Control: Larry Ciccinelli K3PTO
June Net Control: Need volunteer
July Net Control: Need volunteer

OLD BUSINESS: There was none.

NEW BUSINESS: Gary Sundstrom discussed Field Day. He asked if everyone was interested in having Field Day, who wanted to be in charge of it, where was it to be held and when. Bruce Bramon AEØIQ explained the reason for Field Day. Dale Bland KEØYFL reported that he has enjoyed the last two Field Days that he has attended. He picked up tips from other club members. A permit will be needed for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) site and time is running out for that possibility. Field Day can be held at the club house. There are safety issues that need to be addressed such as power, wires, coordinate antennae use, etc. Bruce Bramon volunteered to assist with these duties. A motion to vote for the club to have Field Day was made by Buford Casebolt and seconded by Bruce Bramon. Motion passed. Steve Bouck said that he had been in charge for the last two years and he had asked for five assistants. Field Day has been held at the Camdenton City Park and last year at the MDC. The Osage Beach City Park is also an option and would have higher visibility. Assistants are needed for safety concerns, public relations, radio set up, antennae set up and site set up. Field Day will be tabled one more time with the understanding that the event will be held at the club house since there was not enough response at this meeting.

The equipment insurance is due June 1 and is $111.10 and the liability insurance is due on June 13 and is $323.20. Gary Sundstrom will review the equipment and liability insurance policies and report on them next month.

Sickness and Injuries: Buford Casebolt KFØEAO will be having a hip joint replaced next Tuesday.

Ham Equipment for sale or swap: There was none.

Announcements: There was none.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Cheryl Bland, KDØEYQ