May 2022 Minutes



May 11, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Gary Sundstrom KE5JTL, President, at 7:00 pm.

Introductions: There were 16 members and 3 guests present.

New Members: Applications for membership were received from Steve Frakes KAØSF and Kim Frakes KØVQP. A motion to accept their membership request was made by Dale Bland KEØYFL and seconded by Paul Rumford K6IMZ. Motion passed.

A motion to accept the minutes of the April 13, 2022 meeting as received was made by Fred Groce KØFG and seconded by Ernie Venus WØLTC. Motion passed.

Standing Committee Reports

REPEATER: Fred Groce KØFG reported that the 2 meter repeater is up and working and that the DMR repeater is working also.

TESTING LIAISON: Steve Bouck KDØSB reported that there will be no testing tonight. Steve reported that the FCC had increased the licensing fee to $35 in addition to the $15 for testing. There seems to be a glitch in the new system but renewals can be done on line. If the person passes their test, they can use the radios that night, but it may take a bit to receive the license from the FCC.

WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire WJØTM reported that the meeting agenda is on the front page of the webpage now. He also updated the areas of interest for 2022 and that some dates have changed.

POTA: There was nothing to report.


Ernie Venus WØLTC reported that there were 3 check ins on 146.730 at 10 am and 2 check ins on 146.955 on Wednesday, May 11.

10 Meter Net: There were 11 check ins on 28.410 at 9 pm on Tuesdays in April 2022(Larry Ciccinelli K3PTO). Larry said that he would like to see more participation.

2 METER NET: There were 51 check ins on 146.73 at 9 am on Saturdays in April (Dale Bland KEØYFL).

May Net Control: Larry Ciccinelli K3PTO
June Net Control: Steve Bouck KDØSB
July Net Control: Fred Groce KØFG
August Net Control: Steve Frakes KAØSF
September Net Control: Jack McGuire WJØTM


Gary reported that he would be here at the club house this Saturday for a while so contact him if you are interested in being here.

Gary Sundstrom discussed Field Day. Since no one has been motivated to take over all the arrangements for Field Day, it will be held at the club house this year. There is heat, lights and power so it will be an easy location to do things from. You can also do it yourself from your own house. You can operate on your own call sign and can then link to the club call sign. Fred Groce KØFG said the ARRL webpage has the rules for Field Day for your class. Frank Galinski NØLRG said that you can also visit other Ham Clubs in the area that are participating. Paul Rumford K6IMZ, Buford Casebolt KFØEAO and Dale Bland KEØYFL are interested in coming here and helping with Field Day.

Jack McGuire WJ0TM discussed the tents that he had researched for Field Day. The best price that he found was $199 for a three-sided tent. He also found a cube for $400 or $500. Extras can also be purchased such as a portable air conditioner. Ozark Trails sells something similar that can be purchased through Walmart. Gary Sundstrom said that at this point there is no burning need to purchase a tent.


Paul Rumford has gifted a 6 meter antenna to the Club that he had bought from Tom Smith. Fred Groce said that the club still has two telescoping masts. Gary Sundstrom said that the gift will be accepted and stored here and then arrangements to acquire a 6 meter transceiver can be made.

The equipment insurance is due June 1 and is $111.10 and the liability insurance is due on June 13 and is $323.20. Gary Sundstrom will review the equipment and liability insurance policies and get with Cheryl Bland KDØEYQ to pay them.

Luke Smith introduced himself to everyone. He does not have a license but has CB experience and is interested in extra ways to communicate.

Sickness and Injuries:

Buford Casebolt KFØEAO reported that it has been three weeks since his hip surgery.

Jack McGuire reported that Judy is doing ok. Once she is cleared from cardiac rehab, she may be having hip replacement surgery.

Ham Equipment for sale or swap:

Jack McGuire reported that his wife bought a new radio for him. He has an HF beginners kit with tuner, power supply, desk mic and antenna that was $1,400 new that he would like to sell. He said that he needs to down size some stuff.

Fred Groce has handsets, stereo cords and free junk in a box. He has a micro ham USB MFJ ARB 704 amp for $50.

Announcements: Larry Ciccinelli wanted to know if anyone was interested in building their own T4IEP. He estimates $250 to build. He could do a video presentation for Tech night. Tech nights may be back in place in July or August.

Ernie Venus reported that Sam Henley is interested in having ARES people get together one time every month at the EMA Office. The first Wednesday or Thursday in June is being proposed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Cheryl Bland, KDØEYQ