LOARC holds their monthly club meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at the Mid-County Fire Protection District184 MO-5 BUS, Camdenton, MO 65020. 7:00 PM (see map below). Meetings are held in the conference room located on the second floor.

Guests will need to be aware of the following –

  1. Groups should be a government based or approved current non-profit group.
  2. No groups larger than 50 in attendance without prior authorization by a chief officer.
  3. There is no parking in the parking spots outside the main station door, by the flag. These parking spots are reserved for business office use or properly marked accessible vehicles in a marked accessible parking space. Guests using the meeting room will park in marked parking spots on the North side of the building or behind the building.
  4. No parking at any time for any reason in front of the overhead bay doors (used for emergency vehicles) or at the fuel pumps. There will be no warning and vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  5. No firearms are allowed inside the building unless by a commissioned law enforcement officer or prior authorization by a chief officer (Licensed Concealed/open carry is NOT allowed).
  6. No smoking or vapor cigarettes are allowed inside the building.
  7. No alcohol allowed inside the building or on the property.
  8. Guest must be dressed appropriately.
  9. No inappropriate language is allowed.
  10. Guest using the meeting room shall keep noise at an appropriate level.
  11. The reception area outside the meeting room is not to be used by the group and will be used for Mid-County Fire Protection District use only.
  12. No cooking allowed in the meeting room.
  13. lf using food warmers, the warmers must be plugged directly into the wall outlets, no extension cords.
  14. No items may be left in the room / building overnight or between meetings without prior authorization by a chief officer.
  15. Guest must bring their own office supplies and make their own Mid-County Fire Protection District will not provide office supplies or copies.
  16. Banners or signs must be approved by Mid-County Fire Protection District before they are hung.

At the conclusion of event, the following must be completed or the cleaning deposit (full or partial) will be retained by Mid-County Fire Protection District –

  • The table and chairs must be placed back in the location / positions found before the event.
  • Trash on the tables and floors must be picked up and placed in trash receptacles.
  • lf the floor needs to be vacuumed, there is a vacuum available to be used just contact the staff.
  • Normal trash use is expected (trash contained within the trash receptacles), if more trash is generated during your event then trash will need to be taken out to the dumpster located behind the fire station.
  • lf something is spilled on the carpet or the carpet is damaged during your event, Mid-County Fire Protection District will have the carpet cleaned or repaired at the group’s expense.