February 2024 Minutes


February 14, 2024

Call to Order by:

Larry Cicchinelli, K3PTO at 7 pm

Introductions Officers/Members/Visitors

New Members – There were 2 new members, Jeff Hancock, KE0YFM, and John Hancock, KE0YFN.

Approve January 10, 2024 Minutes

Standing Committee Reports

Repeaters: 2-meter update from Fred Groce KØFG – Repeater is working normally.

Testing Liaison: Update from Steve Bouck KDØSB – Nobody to test

Web Page: Update from Jack McGuire WJØTM – Working well.  Jack is looking for someone to take over the job, he has done it for several years.

POTA: Update from Steve Eden KØSRE – Next event will be Support Your Park on April 14-15, 2024.

Emergency Net:   0 Check-ins on 146.730 at 10 am & 10 Check-ins on 146.955 at 10:10 am on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

10 Meter Net:35 Check-ins on 28.410 at 9 pm on Tuesdays in February 2024 (Larry Cicchinelli K3PTO)

2 Meter Net:45 Check-ins on 146.73 on Saturday at 9 am in February (Larry Cicchinelli K3PTO)

    • March Net Control: Dale – KEØYFL

    • April Net Control : Fred – K0FG

Old Business:

DMR repeater update:  Several options and ideas were discussed with no concrete news available.  If anyone knows of a site that may be available please contact one of the club officers.

Term lengths for club officers:  This proposal is to change the officers’ terms of office from one year to two years.  This change must be approved by the club with a vote to change the bylaws of the club.  A committee has been formed to study the changes needed in the bylaws to permit this change.  Stever, KA0SF, and Fred, K0FG, will work on that committee.

Field Day preparations – Ron, AE0JA, will circulate a signup sheet for Field Day participation.  This sheet is only to judge the number of people who plan on operating and supporting Field Day, this does not represent a committment.  The dates for Field Day are June 22-23, 2024.

Would the club members consider moving FD site to the Camdenton city park?  They have done some maintenance and updates to the park.  If so, we might want to apply for a permit to use the park on FD weekend.

Disposition of Club radios, etc. – A number of proposals were discussed about what to do with equipment owned by the club.   Options ranged from selling off all equipment to keeping all the equipment.  The club no longer owns the trailer, it is now owned by Jack, KJ0TM.   Jack has no objection to keeping club owned equipment in the trailer.

Equipment currently owned by the club consists of 3 HF radios, 1 VHF/UHF dual band radio, several antennas and miscellaneous pieces of coax and antenna support wires and ropes, and other miscellaneous smaller items.   Two members volunteered to take some of the HF radios and fix the problems with them.

New Business:  None

Sickness and Injuries:  Ralli, W9TPA, is not feeling well, the club will send a card.

Ham Equipment for sale or swap:   None

Announcements: Dayton hamfest will be May 17-19, 2024.  If you want to attend you should arrange for lodging now, it goes quickly.

Submitted by Fred, K0FG