August 2023 Minutes

August 9, 2023

The meeting was called to order by Larry Cicchinelli K3PTO, President, at 7:00 pm.

Introductions: There were 14 members and 1 visitor present.

New Members: There was none.

Minutes: The minutes of the July 12, 2023 meeting were approved as received.

Standing Committee Reports
REPEATER: Fred Groce KØFG reported that Bruce Bramon AEØIQ had switched to the2 meter backup repeater and it is working fine. He is now the trustee and we are good until June of 2033.

TESTING LIAISON: Steve Bouck KDØSB reported that there was no testing last month and there will be no testing tonight.

WEB PAGE: Jack McGuire WJØTM reported that the web page is fine.

POTA: Steve Eden KØSRE reported that the last event was the third week end in July and that the next event will be the third full weekend of October. When he had hunted Ha Ha Tonka State Park recently, he ended up talking to Russia, Italy, Spain and Argentina. If the bands are right, there is no telling who you might get to talk to.

Emergency Net: There was no report given of check ins on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

10 Meter Net: There were 20 check ins on 28.410 at 9 pm on Tuesdays in July 2023 and 4 check ins last night (Larry Cicchinelli K3PTO).

2 METER NET: There were 48 check ins on 146.73 at 9 am on Saturdays in July (Fred Groce KØFG).
August Net Control: Steve Bouck KDØSB
September Net Control: Need a volunteer
October Net Control: Need a volunteer

OLD BUSINESS: The DMR repeater update was discussed. Ralli Motar W9TPA friend Al will take the antennae down for $400. He is waiting for his truck to be fixed before he can do it. Larry Cicchinelli will contact Al to see when he will be able to do the work required. Dale Bland KEØYFL had sent two emails to Command One in Sedalia but has not received an answer. Central Communications-Motorola in Sedalia has done work at the Co-Mo repeater. Dale Bland will contact him. The coax was discussed. If the DMR repeater is to be installed on the Fire Department tower in Greenview, a new bracket may be needed or the current one may need to be modified. At a minimum the DMR needs to be taken down from the clubhouse. Larry Cicchinelli K3PTO asked if the DMR
repeater is something that we need to keep and how many used it. Scott Poest KB8KGU reported that the DMR repeater also does Fusion. There are more Fusion repeaters than DMR in Missouri. Scott said that it is registered on the Fusion network. Mid County is requesting 24-hour notice to have someone install the DMR repeater there. Club expenses were discussed. Fred Groce KØFG made a motion to put up the DMR/Fusion repeater again and was seconded by Dean Stoner. Motion was amended to include a cost of up to $1,000. Motion passed.

NEW BUSINESS: Fred Groce KØFG reported that there will be a Hamfest on Sunday morning in St. Louis (off of Route 70) from 8 am to 1 pm.

Sickness and Injuries: There was none.

Ham Equipment for sale or swap: Fred Groce KØFG has a Pro 7 headset for sale for $150.

Announcements: Larry Cicchinelli K3PTO will be providing a Tech Talk at our next meeting at 6:15 pm on a vector network analyzer. They can be purchased for between $60 and $150 depending on the range of frequencies you want to cover. There is interest in this topic.

Fred Groce KØFG asked members if they include their return address on the self-addressed envelope sent for the QSL cards that are sent out. They can also be done electronically.

Larry Cicchinelli K3PTO asked if the number of people that have tested this year is known and if it would be worth it to touch base with them about the club. Steve Bouck KDØSB reported that he has their email address. If a questionnaire be given to them when they take the test to see what motivated them to get their license was discussed. A lot of the people who have tested are from out of the area. What else can be done to entice people to join our club was discussed. Larry Cicchinelli asked members to think about it and it would be discussed at our September meeting.

A motion to adjourn was made by Fred Groce KØFG and seconded by Bruce Bramon AEØIQ. Motion passed.

Respectively submitted,
Dale Bland, KEØYFL