Club Committees & Members

The Club currently has three committees. They are (first name listed is the committee lead):

  1. Repeater Committee: Gary Welsh (N0RIJ), Fred Groce (K0FG), and Bruce Bramon (AE0IQ). This committee is responsible for the operation of the 146.730 repeater located in Laurie, MO.

  2. Wrecking Crew: has six members: Fred Groce (K0FG), Ray Tucker (N0ZXY), and Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO).  We formed this committee to help club members (and select nonmembers) with putting up antennas and other projects that require help. With that said remember, we don’t climb towers. 

  3. Trailer Committee: Fred Groce (K0FG) and Lee Cole (KC0TKY) are the current members.  Main responsibility of this committee is to maintain the clubs Emergency Communication Van.

  4. Public Relations: Vacant

To contact anyone of the above simply email the webmaster at the clubs email [email protected]. Include who you wish to contact, why, and your contact information. Webmaster will then forward your request to the person and they will contact you. If you are CURRENTLY a member and wish to be on one or more committee, simply let your desires be known at the next monthly meeting  (Click  here will open in a separate tab) .