Club Seminars

Lake of the Ozarks Amateur Radio Club holds seminars on a variety of subjects related to Amateur Radio whenever possible.                Location:  Mid-County Fire Protection District  building,      Second Floor Classroom.                                                                   Time:  6:15pm-7:00pm, Second Wednesday of each month          All seminars are open to the public.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024   6:15pm-7:00pm                                                              Basic Electronics-Technician Exam Review                                                   Presented By:  Larry Cicchinelli, (K3PTO)                                                                   Tech level studies will continue monthly until further notice.                  Whether you’re new to Amateur Radio an old hand, or anyone                       wanting  to learn about Electronics, these classes are for you.                            Learn something new or just refresh your memory.     

Past Seminars

A discussion of Decibels by Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO) part 1 and part 2.

The Wonderful World of Spectrum Analyzers by Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO).

VNAs in a word . . . or two . . . or thousands by Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO).

  1. Part 1

  2. Part 2

  3. Part 3

  4. Part 4

RFI/EMI and Amateur Radio by Steve Frakes (K0SF).