Field Day

Here you can find information on what ARRL Field Day is and when and where the next Field Day is going to be held by LOARC. Normally field day is held the Fourth weekend in June. The location will be posted on the main page several weeks before the event.


What a crew! They stand ready to a a a a . . . hmm really don’t know what they stand ready for!

Field Day 2024,                                                             Emergency Operations, Off Grid, In Adverse Conditions Preparations are underway

The Lake of the Ozarks Amateur Radio Club has been in existence since 1983, and has participated in the ARRL Field Day event ever since.    Thanks to those who carried the torch, the club is thriving today, and always looking forward to the next Field Day.

This years event will be held on:  Sat., June 22 from 9:00am through  Sun., June 23 at 1:00pm         Location:  Camdenton City Park, at the Second Pavilion, located at the South end of the circle drive.
Further information will be posted as soon as it is available                                                                 A Special Thanks to Travis Brock and the City of Camdenton, for all of their support,                and allowing us to hold this years event at the park

Thanks to all who help make this event possible.                                                                                  We’re looking forward to having a great time, so come on over and join us.

If you’re interested in being a part of this years event, whether it’s helping setup. take down, operations, logging, or just coming by to watch and learn, and enjoy the company, come on over.
For more information contact:  Ron at roncampbell931@yahoo  Or  Call or Text at 573-932-4374