2 meter net preamble

(A PDF copy of this is down loadable HERE)

LOARC 2 meter Net preamble

At 8:55 AM local: This is __ (your call sign)__. I will be Net Control for this morning’s 2 meter Net and will be taking control of the repeater at 9:00 AM local. Anyone wishing to use the repeater before then is welcome to do so.

At 9:00 AM local: Good morning! This is ­­_(your call sign)  , Net Control for the Lake Area Net opening the Net at 9:00 AM. This Net meets every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM local time. The purpose of the Net is to allow amateur radio operators to check in, make announcements, and list ham gear or related equipment to buy, sell or swap. My name is _ (your name) __ and I am located at _(your location)___.

Standardized terminology and procedures will be used in order to promote good operating techniques to be used in the event of an emergency. The procedure for checking-in is to call Net Control, give your call sign, name, and other information required by Net Control. Today, I am asking for your call sign, name and the following information: _ (any reasonable information) __. Order of check-in will be; mobile and short time check-ins, then any ECHO Link check-ins, and lastly regular check-ins. After check-ins, I will take announcements such as VE testing, meetings, or ham fests. Lastly, I will take buy, sell or swap items. Please observe the order of check-in.

Let’s get started: are there any mobile or short-timers wishing to check-in? Please call   (your call sign) _ (Acknowledge all check-ins in the order of check-in sequence and welcome their comments.)

(Or if nothing heard); Any ECHO Link check-ins will be taken at this time. Please hold all announcements until the end. Please call _(your call sign)  . (Again, acknowledge all check-ins in the order of their check-in sequence and welcome their comments).

(Or, if nothing heard); Any Regular check-ins, please call _ (your call sign)__. (Again, acknowledge all check-ins in the order of their check-in sequence and welcome their comments).

(Or, if nothing heard); I will now take any additional announcements. If you wish to make an announcement, give me your call sign. (Acknowledge the caller and ask for their announcement(s).)

(Or, if nothing heard); Are there any buy/sell/swap items? Give me your call sign. (Acknowledge the caller and then, take the listing.)

(Or, if nothing heard); I will take one last stand-by for late check-ins, anyone wishing to check in to the Lake Area 2 meter Net, please call _(your call sign)  .

(After all check-ins have completed their transmission and there are no further check-ins, comments or announcements, close the Net as follows.)

Thank you for checking into the Lake Area Net. By my count I had _____ check-ins including Net Control. The Net is now closed at  (give time of closing)  and the repeater is turned back to regular amateur use. Good morning  _(your call sign)   clear.