HAM Testing

Lake of the OzarkTesting 003s Amateur Radio Club offers license testing for Technician, General, and Amateur Extra classes of license. Testing is normally administered immediately following the monthly meeting (click for more info on meeting). So, if you are ready to take your test call Fred Groce (K0FG) at 573-280-0612

There is no minimum age requirement and there is no longer any requirement to know Morse code for any level of Amateur license. With the exception of Technician, the only requirement is that you pass the previous level test before you can take the next level. The only two requirements are a fee of $15 (used to cover expenses of VE testers and FCC fees) and a Government issued I.D.

Easy stuff, nothing technical at all, LOL

The Technician and General test are made up of 35 questions each. An applicant must obtain a score of 74% (26 correctly answered questions) to pass the test. The Amateur Extra test is comprised of 50 question and again the applicant must obtain a score of 74% (37 correctly answered questions) to pass. An applicant may take as many of the offered class license tests as he or she wants in one sitting and pay $15.00. For example an applicant can take the Technician, General, and Amateur Extra, one right after the other, providing he/she passes, on the same evening. However, once he/she fails any one test they are finished and will receive a license for the class they passed. In the above example had the applicant passed both the Technician and General test but failed the Amateur Extra test they would receive a General License. When they are ready to test for the Amateur Extra on another evening they would be required to pay another $15.00.

Study material is available from ARRL (http://www.arrl.org) and several online web sites (two really good ones are, https://hamstudy.org and http://hamexam.org). Contact members of the Club for any additional help or information. For more information check out the “Training Resources? TAB