Nets & Committees

Join us on our weekly nets! All hams are welcome to check in and chew the “fat”.

The Club also has several committees to help facilitate different activities the club performs.

  • Repeater Committee;
    • Trustee and Committee lead Gary Welsh (N0RIJ)
    • Member Fred Groce (K0FG)
    • Member Jack McGuire (KD0QEB)
    • Member Jerry Parmer (KE0OTM)
  • Wrecking Crew (members that have volunteered to help others with HAM related work or projects . . . sorry we don’t climb towers.)
    • Lead Fred Groce (K0FG)
    • Member Tom Smith (WA0OFO)
    • Member Ray Tucker (N0ZYX)
    • Member Glenn Commons (K0KER)
    • Member Jack McGuire (KD0QEB)
    • Member Larry Cicchinelli (K3PTO)
  • Trailer Committee;
    • Lead Fred Groce (K0FG)
    • Member Jerry Parmer (KE0OTM)
    • Member Lee Cole (KC0TKY)
    • Member Jimmy Schapiro (KD0FPC)

To contact anyone of the above simply email the webmaster at the clubs email [email protected] Include who you wish to contact, why, and your contact information. Webmaster will then forward your request to the person and they will contact you.