DMR Repeater Info

*********   DMR repeater is currently DOWN   *********

LOARC has added a DMR repeater to the clubs public arsenal of repeaters. Just recently one of our members Scott Poest (KB8KGU) has donated his time and equipment to enable the club to have a DMR repeater. Pertinent information about the repeater is listed in blue below.

In addition, in the near future the club will be offering a generic “code plug” for Anytone radios courtesy of Fred Groce (K0FG).

From Larry Cicchineli (K3PTO) here is a link to a DMR beginner’s guide.

For those that are interested in other forms of digital format the repeater is capable of handing not only DMR but also System Fusion and D-Star.

BTW, there will be NO Training this coming Wednesday (Nov 17th)

The Osage Beach DMR repeater is located near the center of town.  Here is some important information about the repeater:

Repeater DMR Number:  312583

Network: Brandmeister

Repeater Callsign: KB8KGU

Hardware: Motorola VRM-850 with MMDVM, approximately 35 watts ERP

Transmit: 442.200

Receive: 447.200

Color Code (CC): 1

Current Slot Details:

Static Talkgroups:

Timeslot 1:

3100  (All USA)

3180  (Missouri Lakes)

31201 (BYRG)

31290 (MO ARES)

31291 (SW Missouri)

31292 (STL Metro)

Timeslot 2:

312583 (Local mode)

3129 (MO Statewide – Scheduled Wednesdays 7:30PM Net only)

With DMR there are two timeslots.  Two QSOs can happen simultaneously.

You are able to bring up any talk group programmed into your radio.  Keying up a non-static talk group will establish a link to that talk group, and will expire after approximately 10 minutes of inactivity.

Currently, talk group 3100 is static on time slot 1, mainly for proof of concept testing to generate traffic.  It keeps the repeater very busy and is good to verify your radio, and the repeater, are working.  Eventually this group may be removed from static because of its chattiness.