2M Emergency Net Preamble

Lake of the Ozarks Amateur Radio Club
Preamble for the 2 METER EMERGENCY Net
(A copy if this is down loadable HERE)

AT 9:55 AM CT: This is __(your call sign)__. I will be net control for this morning’s emergency 2 meter net and will be taking control of the repeater at 10:00 AM CT. Anyone wishing to use the repeater before then is welcomed to do so.

AT 10:00 AM CT:  Good morning! This is   (your call sign)  , Net Control for the LOARC Emergency Net. This net meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM CT and is open to all properly licensed amateur radio operators within the coverage area of this repeater. The purpose of this net is to check what amateurs are available in the event of an emergency. Procedure for calling is; call Net Control, give your call sign, name, and location. My   (your call sign)  , my name is   (your name)   and I am located at   (state your location)  .

I will now take check-ins. Please state your call sign slowly, your name, and your location.  (Take any call-ins; acknowledge them in order of check-in sequence.)

Are there any additional check-ins?

Close the net as follows:

Thank you for checking into the LOARC 2 meter emergency net. By my count I had   (#)   check-ins.

The net is now closed at (give time of closing) and the repeater is turned back to regular amateur use. Good Morning, (your call sign) clear.