Aug 15

Extra . . . Extra . . . Read all about it! Field Day Results

Anyone who would like to talk to Frank, his cell number is  746-1158   He usually will not answer but will call back when he feels like talking if one leaves a message.

Frank Galinsky (N0LRG) update: Frank came home from the hospital this afternoon (08/05/17).

This just in:

Frank Galinsky (N0LRG) had another cancer surgery Yesterday. This morning Tom Sterling (KD0TS) talked to him, Frank is not really up walking yet but hopes to be soon. Frank’s room phone number 573-771-9425 and his is room number is 4E29. Not sure know when he will be released.

Hey everybody, not much going on but I did post the July minutes.

Updated the members list.

Don’t forget the emergency net on Wednesday the 9th at 10 AM.

Don’t forget the monthly meeting on Wednesday the 9th at 7 PM. For location and direction on how to get there click on Club Info –> Meetings.

C’ya all there!!!

Okay on with the Field Day Info!!

QSO count by band and mode.

Band       Mode      Count     Mode    Count       Total by band

80            cw          014                                          014

40            cw          053        ssb          143            196

20            cw          060        ssb          086            146

Total QSOs          127                          229            356

       cw times 2 =  254   ssb times 1 = 229    QSO total = 483

Power multiplier      times 2 for running less than 150 watts     

       483 x 2 = 966

Total Claimed Score = 966

Bonus Points

  100% emergency power   200 points

  Public location                  100 points

  submitted via the web       050 points

Total bonus points               350