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Field Day 2022 Update

The following is the update to all members from Buford (KF0EAO) & Terri (General Public is also welcomed to visit the site):

Greetings from Terri and Buford KF0EAO

 This is the second update on field day 2022.

 The Radio Club trailer is now at the field day site and is level.  The air conditioning is working!!  The six-meter antenna that goes on the back of the trailer is present as well as two telescoping masts.  The trailer will need some attention and organizing for making connections.  There is no central power supply for the radios in the trailer any more. Any radios brought to the radio trailer will need their own power supply and tuner.  Several radios could be run in there out of the heat. I am unsure as to the amount of coax that is in the trailer The Porta Potty arrived.  The blue pavilion tent is in the radio trailer.  I am not sure as to its condition.  We will need volunteers to help put this up.  There seems to be plenty of fold up tables.  I have several small fans.  There is a large shop type fan on a stand that can be used for a larger area.  The 3500 watt generator will be there and tested.  We will need radios for the club trailer with tuner and power supply.   I have two laptops with the M3FJP software installed.  We may need and extra laptop.  There is some question about the ground rod for the generator.  This will require help.  We will have all sorts of tools on site.  We will need a 50 foot heavy 15 to 20 amp extension cord for the club trailer.

 There will be food and drink out all day Saturday (for club members, their spouses & their guests). We will have iced coolers with soda, bottled water, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. There will be a propane grill and cooker for frying. Saturday evening there will be a traditional meal for all club members, spouses and guests.  We are still working on the menu. There will be snacks and coffee through the night and morning.  There is WiFi through out the site.  The only tear down will be the pavilion tent and any temporary antennas and experiments Sunday morning. 

We need operators whom can help keep the radios working, day and night.  Also, we will need help with station protocol, narrative for operators using club call sign. reporting points, and logging software.  We could use some more fold up or plastic chairs. If you have a lounger or special chair, you should bring it.  Personal equipment such flashlights etc would be helpful.  Important, We recommend anti tick spray such as OFF.  We have man eating ticks this year. 

The address is 403 McNeil St Climax Springs MO.   All are welcome.  This field day should be similar to last year’s field day.  The purpose is to bring together members of the radio club and to demonstrate and learn radio.  Also, Terri and I need to know how many people to expect so we can plan accordingly.  Anyone with experiments or their own mobile setup would be welcome and desirable.  Again, we should use the radio clubs call numbers for competition credit etc.  The best part is there is very little site setup or take down and plenty of room and good food and company.  Everything will be setup and working.  Our telephone number is 573 345-3575, cell 573 932-4673,  email  [email protected].  We would like to hear from you.

I also wanted to mention to everyone that I will be at the Field Day site Friday morning starting at 9 am for needed antenna and radio trailer work.  Larry will be there.  I encourage all with any set up that they may have to come by.  I also contacted KRMS, Lake TV and Lake Media publishing for publicity.

Thanks, Buford Casebolt KF0EAO & Terri Meyers

Field Day 2022

The following message was sent to our club president regarding Field Day 2022 and posted here with Buford’s (KFØEAO) permission . For more information please call Buford or Teri at this number 573-345-3575. This will be discussed at the weekly Eat’n Meet’n and at the monthly meeting on the 8th.

“Hi Gary

Teri and I have decided to host the upcoming field day in the field in back of her home in climax springs, where the radio trailer and tower are.  There is 70 amps of power back there.  There are several acres of open and wooded areas.  Additional antennas could be deployed.  There are currently two Alpha/Delta center fed flat top multi  band dipoles pointed east and west.  They work exceptionally well.  One radio and tuner, so far.  There is wireless internet throughout the area.  In addition to the trailer shack I have a semi large multi person tent, tables and chairs. There will be refreshments and food, propane grill, coffee maker for later.  Byob on alcohol etc.  There will be a porta potty on site.  FRED GROCE is on board for this.  We will use the radio clubs call numbers for competition credit etc.  It is possible to link activities between the Club house and Teri’s place through the internet.  There is very little site setup or take down and plenty of room.  Everything is setup and working.  Our telephone number is 573 345-3575.

Buford and Teri”

If’s Official New License Fees

In December of 2020 the FCC announced a change in the licensing fees for Amateur Radio (HAM) AND General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). However, no date was set. Well the date and amount was set the cost for both a Ham license will be $35 and the cost for a GMRS license will be lowered to $35, effective April 19, 2022. For more information on the effective date FCC DA 22-307 (Mod) and for information on the price FCC-20-184A1 (Mod) I highlighted the paragraphs with the information in both documents

Looking forward to New Stuff . . .

Last year FCC announced that the license fee for Amateur Radio would be increase to $50 and GMRS license would be reduced to $35. In December of 2020 FCC announced that Amateur  Radio would be reduced to $35, this was after FCC received massive feed back against the $50 increase. As of the date of this notice FCC has not announce an effective date. Normally, notification should be 30 days before the effective date.

For you Parks on the Air folks there is some good news. There has been over 1,000 parks added and POTA has established a POTA support desk (send email to [email protected], you can still get help at the POTA facebook group. For more information on POTA go to Also Vance Martin (N3VEM) does a monthly podcast update on POTA at his website check it out here BTW, Vance also has a relatively new YOUTUBE site, simply search for N3VEM.

Lastly some exciting news from ARRL. ARRL board is considering plans to cover the new $35 FCC fee (effective date not set yet for this increase) for applicants under 18 years old. For more information please go to ARRL’s website;

C’ya at the meeting . . . Oh, don’t forget it’s at the new building in Osage Beach. See directions in post below.

The move is on!!

LOARC’s last meeting at the Mid-County Fire Protection District building was held August 11, 2021. Starting on September 8, 2021 LOARC will be holding our meetings in the new Club house at 1081 Osage Beach Rd in Osage Beach, meeting will start at 7PM. See map below. If you have any questions send email to the webmaster at the address above.

Two position have be created, Antenna Coordinator [Larry Cichinelli (K3PTO)] and Operations Coordinator [Fred Groce (K0FG)]. Antenna Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining the tower and coordinating installation of antennas on the tower. Operations Coordinator is responsible for setting up and operation of radios to include HF, VHF, and UHF radios. If you are interested in assisting in these position send an email to the club’s email listed in the header of each page and webmaster will forward it to the appropriate individual.


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Total bonus points



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Claimed Score =(QSOxpower muilt)=552×2=1104
Preliminary Score=(Claimed Score+Bonus Points)=1104+750=1854